Gamers have been trapped thru Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft trying their best to addict and hook you, then ban you whenever they feel like it.

You havent lived if you havent been banned permantely at least once by xbox, sony or nintendo.

Welcome to gamersofamerica.org

Gamers have been trapped thru Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft trying their best to addict and hook you.

Denying you normal consumer rights like refunds for any purchase you are not happy with;
Denying you protection of your digital library from account bans, and denial of giving you the option to resell your digital purchases.

Nintendo, Sony and Xbox think you are a slave and they are kings. They think they own YOU.
While the truth is, they OWE you because their wealth is completely based on YOUR PURCHASES.

You deserve gamers rights and refunds for any purchase you are not happy with, and the option to resell any game of yours, and the protection of your digital library and online friends.

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have no right to suspend your access to your friends and to your digital library that you paid for. Even if you duped a sword or gun or told someone to fuck off.

GamersOfAmerica.org fights for your rights, thru our contacts with gaming journalists, lawyers and government officials we aim to set policies to protect your and our consumer rights.

We simply ask for what are basic human rights:

  • Keep your online friends even if Xbox/PlayStation/Nintendo think you deserve a ban
  • Keep your digital games even if Xbox/PlayStation/Nintendo think you deserve a ban
  • Get an instant refund for any product that is broken, falsely advertised or not to your liking
  • Help for people with a gaming addiction
  • Compensation for emotional distress by horrible customer support experiences and waiting times
  • Suicide Relief fund to protect gamers who face emotional disruption from account bans
  • Relief fund for gamers who face health issues from their controller, eye sight or gaming addiction

All this is the responsibility of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. They cannot just make billions for their corporate investors and hedge funds and rob you blind.

We need your help in this fight for gamers rights.

Please post your experiences with the customer support, account bans and similiar things to the forums/comments. We will give Sony/Xbox/Nintendo an option to reply and help you. And we will fight for you. Please post in the title how much you have lost and/or how you are feeling about the theft of your digital purchases and online friends. DO NOT EVER THINK ITS YOUR FAULT. THESE COMPANIES HAVE NO RIGHT TO STEAL YOUR PURCHASES OR DENY YOU REFUNDS.

We need your help in funding. We have funding secured for at least a year but to fight back harder at unlawful and criminal behaviour by Nintendo/Xbox/Microsoft ever $20 donation helps as we
can reach about 1000 people for each $20, so this wave starts rolling and we get the momentum we need to get protection for our digital purchases and digital existence.

We are good with money. We DO appreciate any donation at all because it is fuel and motivation and shows your appreciation (same goes for posting your experiences to the forums).

We started this organization not just to help ourselves (we have overturned EVERY SINGLE ACCOUNT BAN SO FAR) but to help YOU and the gaming community as a whole.


About Us:

GamersOfAmerica was started to counter Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo for robbing their customers blind and getting rich on the back of our gaming addiction. We help people from ALL REGIONS.

Open questions at Nintendo/Xbox/Sony

How many accounts in total were permantely suspended and what amount (in $USD) was stolen from gamers?
Do you commit to basic human rights for gamers?
Do you commit to taking responsibility for gamers with a videogame addiction?
Do you commit to take responsibility for suicides caused by permanent account suspensions?
Establishment for common grounds on what kind of digital purchase qualifies as a broken purchase eligible for an INSTANT refund (game crashes? lost savegame?)
Establishment of common grounds for what kind of digital purchase qualifies as false advertisement (online mode delayed? footage from another platform?)

Videogames a bigger industry than movies and sports combined

Videogames are a bigger industry than movies and North American sports combined, thanks to the pandemic

COVID-19 lockdowns expected to help global gaming sales rise 20% to nearly $180 billion in 2020, and experts don’t see growth taking a hit in 2021 after release of next-gen Playstation, Xbox.

Videogames have grown to resemble competition-based, interactive movies, and the COVID-19 pandemic has propelled the industry to make more money than movies and North American sports combined.

Global videogame revenue is expected to surge 20% to $179.7 billion in 2020, according to IDC data, making the videogame industry a bigger moneymaker than the global movie and North American sports industries combined. The global film industry reached $100 billion in revenue for the first time in 2019, according to the Motion Picture Association, while PwC estimated North American sports would bring in more than $75 billion in 2020.

Both of those industries suffered from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, however, while the videogame industry is expected to show double-digit growth this year following high-single-digit growth in the previous two years. Experts forecast that strong growth will continue in 2021, following the recent introduction of next-generation gaming consoles from Sony Corp. 6758, -1.36% SNE, -0.64% and Microsoft Corp. MSFT, +0.78% and new games to get the most out of those upgrades, even as COVID-19 vaccines are rolled out.

“I do think there will be a deceleration as soon as effective, cheap, globally available vaccines get out there over the course of 2021, but I’m quite sure at the end of 2021 there will still be billions of potential people that will need vaccines,” Lewis Ward, gaming research director at IDC, told MarketWatch in an interview. “So, my deceleration happens in 2022.”