Zendaya celebrates 26th birthday with boyfriend Tom Halland in New York

Zendaya Coleman is celebrating her 26th birthday with Spidey’s boyfriend Tom Holland.

of euphoria The star, 26, rang with Holland, also 26, for her birthday at the MAMO restaurant in New York City on Thursday.

Her carefree look featured a cropped button-up sweater that showed off her toned abs and a pair of loose-fitting jeans that covered black pointed-toe stilettos. The gold ring on her right ring finger matched her look.

Her boyfriend also went casual for the night, opting for blue plaid flannel with the first two buttons unbuttoned, along with turquoise corduroy pants and classic Adidas sneakers.

Robert O’Neal/Splash

Zendaya also commemorated her special day with a reflective Instagram post on Friday.

Sharing a memorable photo of young Zendaya ecstatic in the pool, the actress wrote, So much love, I couldn’t be more gratefulđź’• Until I’m 26! ”

On Holland’s birthday in June, Zendaya shared a lovely photo on Instagram. Zendaya smiled as Holland hugged her from behind.

“Happiest birthday to the person who makes me happiest” Spider-Man: No Way Home photo co-star.

Holland previously spoke in an interview in November about his bond with Zendaya and his desire to keep his personal life private. GQ: “One of the downsides of our fame is that privacy is no longer in our control. Moments that we thought were between two people who love each other so much are now all It’s a moment shared with the world.”

of unknown The actor said, “I’ve been really adamant about keeping my private life private because I share so much of my life with the world anyway. We felt robbed of our privacy. Be prepared.” I don’t think so…that’s what we didn’t want to do.”

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Holland praises Zendaya, GQ She has “contributed” to his life over the past few years. The actress also told the magazine that giving other people a glimpse into her private life would be “disruptive and invasive.”

“equal feelings [we both share] Zendaya explained, “I think loving someone is something sacred, something special, something you want to deal with. Experience and enjoy through two people in love.”

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Holland added that he wants to keep his personal life private and will discuss revealing details of the relationship when the time is right.

“This is not my story. our Talk. And when we’re ready to talk about it together, we’ll talk about what it is,” he said at the time.

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