Yankees deploy Andrew Benintendi to Illinois, pick Anthony Banda

The Yankees announced a series of roster moves with outfielders today Andrew Benintendi Placed on the 10-day disabled list with inflammation in his right wrist.Outfielder Esteban floral Recalled with the corresponding move.In addition, right-handed Ryan Weber He is left-handed and has been selected to major league clubs. Anthony Banda Designated for assignment.

Benintendi, 28, left last night’s game after appearing injured on his swing. X-rays last night were negative, but as Yankee tries to figure out what’s going on, it looks like that’s enough to keep him out of action for at least another ten days. I don’t know if it’s possible that the place where I was injured wasn’t injured.” video Shared by ESPN’s Marly Rivera. “So they had to have more CT scans. Exactly a bit inconclusive.

Given that uncertainty, it’s hard to know exactly how serious this will be for the Yankees. Acquired from the Royals before the trade deadline, Benintendi has had one of his best-performing seasons in years. His .302/.371/.397 batting average is 21% better than the league hitter average this year, evidenced by his 121 his wRC+. He registered his 123 wRC+ in 2018, so falls short of his career-best in that division.

The Yanks will have to go without his production for at least the next week and a half, and the results of continued testing are still pending to determine his next steps. Until then, they’ll have to make do with the mixed outfield. Aaron Judge, Aaron Hicks, Oswald Cabrera, Merwin Gonzalez, Tim Locastro and floral. Giancarlo Stanton In theory he could also be a factor, but he’s only been used in the designated hitter role since returning from his own IL stint. Regardless, the club has been on a rough slide lately, dropping its lead over the Rays to just five games. They’re surely hoping someone in that group will step up and help make up for Benintendi’s absence and keep them in the driver’s seat all at once.

Banda, 29, pitched for the Pirates and Blue Jays earlier this year, as well as pitching briefly in the minors for the Mariners. He signed with the Yankees on Sunday, and with the pinstripes he appeared in two games. Banda took part in the club’s match against Auckland on Sunday, and his first match went well enough, as the fifth was with one out and no one out. He ended the inning by surrendering the bases sandwiched between two outs.His second appearance last night did little better. When the Yanks lost 5–0 to the Rays in the eighth inning, Banda came in with two men on board, faced six batters, walked three of them, struck out another, and had two singles. I gave up. A 6.75 ERA for the entire season, but leaves a 40.50 ERA through two-thirds of an inning as a Yankee. Despite that his unlucky ERA, he achieved his career-best 22.2% strikeout rate that year. The Yankees will either impose a full waiver on him or release a waiver soon, but Banda has been fired outright before in his career, so he has refused a full assignment in favor of free agency. have the right to

As for 32-year-old Weber, he’s been in and out of New York’s roster all year and has generally fared well in brief stints with big-league clubs. He was first selected in June, but was assigned the next day. He cleared waivers, elected free agency and re-signed with the club on a new minor league contract, the same cycle occurring two more times and today is his fourth time being selected to the roster. Yes, and never stayed in a major for more than about a week. He has his 1.17 ERA in 7 2/3 innings in those sporadic shows on top of his 3.86 ERA in Triple-A that year. His control has been excellent at both levels, with his 3.8% walk percentage in the bigs and 3.0% in the minors, a much lower MLB than his reliever average of 9.1% this year. increase.

Lindsey Adler of The Athletic murmured A word from Boone about Benintendi’s IL placement before the move was officially announced. Brian Hoch of relayed Banda Weber Swap before official announcement.


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