Wolfspeed selects Chatham County for new semiconductor factory, 1,800 jobs

WRAL learns that Wolfspeed is expanding chip manufacturing into Chatham County.

According to the state budget, this is a multi-billion dollar investment that could bring in 1,800 jobs.

Multiple sources familiar with the project have confirmed to WRAL that it is moving forward and will be announced next week.

A source with knowledge of the plans told WRAL, “All systems are ready to bring this project to fruition.”

Another source told WRAL that once all the final details are finalized, an announcement is expected next Friday.

Wolfspeed (formerly Cree) is a manufacturer of silicon carbide semiconductors headquartered in Durham.

Wolfspeed, contacted by WRAL, only confirmed that North Carolina was under consideration.

A Wolfspeed spokesperson said, “We are considering expanding our production capacity and are in discussions with several states, including North Carolina, regarding the location of our next manufacturing facility, but we have nothing to announce at this time.

Two weeks ago, Wolfspeed CEO Gregg Lowe told WRAL TechWire that he expects demand for semiconductor chips to continue to grow, adding that the company’s previous decision to invest in the Triangle facility and new facilities will see the company grow. He said that the system is in place to meet the demand. in New York.

“Of course, North Carolina is also a topic of discussion. “And we’re pretty close to a decision, and definitely by the end of the year. is very good.”

If North Carolina actually builds the factory, it would have won the bidding war with New York, another source familiar with the semiconductor industry said. Wolfspeed first announced North Carolina as the location for the recently completed factory three years before him, but then won his package of incentives and changed the location to New York.

According to a state budget signed in July, North Carolina is trying to lure semiconductor chip makers to Chatham County.

The description did not name the manufacturer, but would allocate a “total of $112 million” to secure commitment from the company with an “eligible project in Chatham County.” increase.

Such projects receive a Job Development and Investment Grant (JDIG) from the state’s Economic and Investment Board, with a minimum job creation target of 1,800 eligible positions and an investment of at least $4.8 billion in private funds. Tie.

Vietnam-based automaker VinFast recently chose Chatham County to build a new car factory.

Wolfspeed could build $1 billion+ new semiconductor facility in North Carolina, CEO says

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