Withings Body Comp Scale was announced at IFA. We perform health checkups for visceral fat and nerves. Price $209.95 / £182

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I have been a fan of smart scales for years. After discovering the Fitbit scale, the Nokia (now Withings) scale helped me a lot with my weight loss, allowing me to track my weight loss trends compared to stressing out individual weight measurements. .

Withings appears to be the only company looking to extend the capabilities of smart scales. I previously reviewed the Withings Body Cardio, which does all the usual things like weight and body composition. But it was also heart healthier with pulse wave velocity and heart rate.

At CES this year, they unveiled a body scan scale that adds a handle for ECG and segmented body composition. Unfortunately, even though it was announced eight months ago, it’s still not available for purchase. The press release said it would be available later this year, but the delay is likely due to the need for FDA clearance.

At IFA 2022, they unveiled another new scale, the Withings Body Comp. It is also integrated with the Health+ service.

Withings Body Comp expands Body Cardio’s capabilities to extend body composition analysis to include visceral fat. It is the first scale on the market to offer this capability. Next, we also introduce a novel neurological health assessment derived from electrochemical skin conductance.

Visceral fat

Visceral fat is considered the most harmful fat because it wraps around the abdominal organs deep inside the body. Even thin people often have a lot of visceral fat due to an unbalanced diet and lack of exercise, and it is often called lean fat.

Visceral fat is more likely to increase your risk of serious medical problems. Heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and high cholesterol are strongly associated with excess fat in this fat can. part of the state.

Features of Withings Body Comp

This makes the Withings Body Comp the most advanced scale on the market. Here are the full features:

  • Whole body composition (body weight, muscle mass, body fat mass, water content, bone mass, BMI, and for the first time visceral fat)
  • Cardiovascular assessment (standing heart rate, vascular age)
  • Neurological Health Assessment (Neural Health Score calculated from electrochemical skin conductance)

Cardiovascular assessment was already on the Body Cardio scale, but the Nerve Health Score is new. This is an assessment of neural activity determined by monitoring sweat glands in the feet. A low neurohealth score indicates decreased innervation of sweat glands, which is associated with degeneration of small nerve fibers. Combined, these measurements help users better understand their risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases such as heart attack, stroke and diabetes.

Health+ Subscription Service

Withings hinted at a subscription service at CES, and it’s now rolling out at these scales.

Health+ is a health service that unlocks additional features in the Health Mate app, empowering people to understand and understand their health data while providing tools, actionable insights, and motivation to change behavior and outcomes. Designed for better ownership. Based on proven scientific principles, Health+ is designed to work with data from your Body Comp and other Withings devices.

In addition to the current Withings Health Mate app, Health+ unlocks new details and metrics that give each user a more complete picture of their health. A 6-week habit-building module helps users reach their health goals while tracking their progress through measurements. The result is lasting behavioral change with tangible results.

Create an ongoing motivational loop: measure. activity. Improved.repeat

measurement: Health+ gives you the ability to truly understand your various Body Comp measurements and how they change with healthier behaviors. Unlock unique, in-depth analytics and contextualize your data with the ability to log your food, mood and sleep. Users can note the context around each measurement to reveal what affects their health metrics.

Activities: Users get a daily plan of what to do along with recommended recipes and workouts to help them reach their chosen goal. Access a library of six-week habit-building modules designed to improve activity, sleep, stress management, and nutrition, based on the latest clinical evidence. They offer instructional workout videos, exercise plans, nutrition advice, recipes, and exclusive educational content created and curated by doctors.

Improved: With Health+, you can correlate your data to see when and how key metrics evolve, so you know where to focus your efforts. It offers weekly interactive reports that provide detailed analysis of user progress and monthly measurement reports that can be shared with physicians.

repeat: Every milestone is celebrated to provide continuous motivation. From rewarding a steady measurement routine to slowly increasing activity to meet your nutrition goals, Health+ continually rewards users in the form of reminders and exclusive collectible badges.

Pricing and Availability

Body Comp with Health+ will be available from 4 October 2022 at Pricing is $209.95 for the scale and a 12-month subscription.

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