White Sox ace Dylan Shees loses to Twins in 9th inning, 2 outs, no-hitter

Chicago White Sox ace right-hander Dylan Seeds was one step away from history Saturday night. The Seas guaranteed his rate field against the AL Central rivals the Minnesota Twins in the ninth inning, where he lost with two outs and a no-hitter. American League leading hitter Luis Araez, who averages .318, broke it out with a clean single to right. Chicago he won 13-0.

Arraez broke Cease’s no-hitter on 99 pitches. Seas threw 103 pitches in a one-hit shutout. He struck out his 7 and was 2 walks. Here is a hit that will ruin history.

According to Statcast, Cease allowed only three batted balls that had a hit probability greater than 50/50 based on batting angle and exit velocity, one of which was Arraez’s single. Many no-hitters feature a great defensive play or two to save a no-hitter, but Cease was dominant and behind him his defense didn’t have to be spectacular.

Seeds is the second pitcher to record a no-hitter with two deaths in the ninth round of the season. St. Louis Cardinals right-hander Miles Mikolas ended up with one out in his June 14 game against the Pirates in Pittsburgh.

There are three no-hitters in baseball this season. The New York Mets had a five-pitch no-hitter against the Philadelphia Phillies on April 29, while Los Angeles Angels left-hander Detmers had a no-hitter against the Tampa Bay Rays on May 10, while the Houston Astros pitched a no-hitter against the Philadelphia Phillies on April 29. achieved a no-hitter combined no-hitter for 3 pitchers. New York Yankees on June 25th.

The 21st no-hitter in White Sox history. Chicago has gone no-hitter in the past two seasons. Carlos Rodon scored a no-hitter for Cleveland on April 14, 2021, and Lucas Jolito scored a no-hitter for the Pirates on August 25, 2020. The Twins last recorded a no-hitter on May 2, 2012 by Angels’ Jared Weaver.

Chicago’s offense gave the Seas plenty of headroom early on. Eloy Jimenez hit a three-run homer in the first inning, and rookie second baseman Romy Gonzalez hit a three-run homer in the fourth. The White Sox really started the game in the ninth inning against fielder Nick Gordon.

Due to the early deficit, the Twins pulled some of their regulars to rest. Shortstop Carlos Correa and right fielder Max Kepler were substituted in the fifth inning, and Jermaine Palacios and Kyle Garlic were replaced with three strikeouts for a 0-3 total. Catcher Gary Sanchez was also removed in the seventh inning.

The Cies joined the White Sox along with Jimenez (and others) in a Jose Quintana trade to the Chicago Cubs on July 13, 2017. He’s currently 13-6, his ERA of 2.13 this season, and his 197 strikeouts are his second-most in baseball. Only Yankees ace Gerrit Cole does more than that. he has his 204. Cease sounds a lot like his AL Cy Young mix.

Postseason races matter more than individual stats like no-hitters. With his four-game winning streak, the White Sox are 2.5 games behind the Cleveland Guardians of the AL Central. They are 5 1/2 games behind his third and final wild card spot in the American League.

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