What to expect from the Apple Watch in 2022

what’s happening

The Apple Watch is a great smartwatch and fitness tracker, but we’d like to see more wellness tools, longer battery life, and more uses for the U1 chip.

why it matters

Apple is the wearable market leader, but rivals Fitbit and Oura are ahead in certain areas.

what’s next

Apple will announce new Apple Watch models in the fall.

of apple watch Seven years after the first model launched, it has evolved into a comprehensive fitness tracker and communication device.

on the other hand, apple watch The wide range of workouts, intuitive software, and addictive activity rings make it my favorite fitness tracker.other gadget manufacturers such as Oura and Fitbit outperform Apple in certain areas, especially when it comes to workout recovery. It’s time for Apple to catch up. apple watch series 8 Help your company get there.

Apple usually releases new releases. Apple Watch model Series 8, new Apple Watch SE, and Rumored Apple Watch Pro next September 7th eventApple likely to announce release date as well Watch OS 9, during the same event, new software coming to Apple Watch Series 4 and later. Here’s what I’d like to see.

apple watch series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 charges faster, but I also want longer battery life.

Lisa Edissico/CNET

longer battery life

Battery life has long been the Apple Watch’s Achilles heel. The Apple Watch usually lasts about a day and a half, Fitbit trackers and watches You can use it for days on a single charge.of fitbit senseFor example, it typically works for 2-4 days before needing a charge, fitbit versa 3 Lasted up to 6 days, according to a CNET review. (Keep in mind, however, that battery life will always vary based on usage.)

Even with the 3-day battery life of the Apple Watch, we expect it to last several days. That should be enough to take the Apple Watch with you on weekend trips. It can also make your Apple Watch a more practical sleep tracker. I rarely use my Apple Watch to track my sleep. Because I think exercise and activity tracking on the Apple Watch is a better use of the battery. But extending the time between charges could change that.

To be fair, Apple sidestepped this issue with the Series 6 and 7 by improving Apple Watch charging speeds. If you wear your Apple Watch overnight, your morning routine will still give you enough energy to get you through the day.

For most people, it’s a good solution. But I’m obsessed with closing the activity ring, so my apple watch As long as I’m awake, my wrists remain tied. It’s also relied on to keep me on schedule when I’m getting ready to leave the house in the morning, so I’d rather have it on my wrist than a charger.

According to Bloomberg, Apple may have another battery workaround in the pipeline that could debut with the Apple Watch Series 8. According to Bloomberg, the new watch will have the Apple Watch save battery. It is likely to include a new low-power mode that will allow some apps and features to run while the watch is running. The publication previously reported that this feature would be coming to WatchOS 9, but it was not mentioned at WWDC. According to Bloomberg, the rumored Apple Watch Pro is also said to have longer battery life than the regular Series 8.

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The Oura ring next to a smartphone displaying the accompanying app

A daily readiness score for the Oura app that combines multiple measurements.

Scott Stein/CNET

Workout recovery function

Apple Watch can tell you a lot, like how many active calories you’ve burned and your long-term progress toward your fitness goals. But I’m not sure if rest days are needed.

I’m usually very obsessed with closing the activity ring, so sometimes I push my workouts when I need a break. Sometimes I know I can push myself harder, but I still choose easier workouts. It would be great if the Apple Watch could help us navigate these decisions based on our body signals, recent activity, and sleep.

Fitbit daily readiness score

Your Fitbit daily readiness score.

Screenshot by Lexy Savvides/CNET

Oura and Fitbit We already provide metrics such as: readiness scoreAs the name suggests, the Energy Score tells you if your body is rested enough to tackle an intense workout, or if you need to skip the gym and rest. Both Oura and Fitbit can give you advice and adjust your fitness goals based on your score. For example, these apps may tell you to pay attention to your mood and rest if your score is low. And if you receive a good or average score, they may suggest moderate training.

Apple Watch can prompt you to move when you’re not far enough to close the ring. You can also congratulate them for having a particularly active day. But there’s no specific metric to prioritize recovery like Oura or Fitbit’s Readiness Score.mindfulness app and apple fitness plus Reconciliation programs certainly help, but it’s nice to see recovery being meaningfully integrated into the Apple Watch’s goals and metrics.

It sounds trivial, but tips like this go a long way. On days when you’re feeling tired, your readiness score will be low and you’ll be reminded to take it easy, further validating that you don’t need to do a full workout if you’re watch mindfulness reminder They are easy to ignore, so don’t go too far. The Readiness Score is usually closely related to sleep and activity-based mood, so it feels more meaningful than a reminder to take a deep breath.

The Workout app on Apple Watch gets new metrics with WatchOS 9, including heart rate zones and the ability to customize recovery intervals during a session. This makes it easier to manage your intensity during your workouts.

The Apple Watch already makes me want to move. Now I need to remind myself to rest.

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Apple Watch next to Fitbit Versa

The Apple WatchOS 7 Sleep app only shows your overall sleep time, but devices like the Fitbit Versa 2 (right) show estimated light/deep and REM phases, as well as your sleep score.

Scott Stein/CNET

sleep score

Apple Watch’s sleep tracking gets a major upgrade When WatchOS 9 Arrives this fall. Apple is finally bringing the ability to measure different sleep stages to the Apple Watch. This is a long-requested feature that Oura and other Fitbit fitness devices have offered for years. It’s a big improvement, but the Apple Watch still doesn’t seem to offer the level of sleep coaching found on other devices.

Oura, fit bit, samsung, Amazon When Withings All offer a Sleep Score that assesses the quality of your sleep, helping you better understand all the metrics these devices collect throughout the night. Samsung and Fitbit are launching sleep coaching that looks at your sleep patterns over a period of time to give you more targeted advice. We also offer programs.

Apple Watch can already track data about how long you slept, how long you spent in bed, trends in your sleep patterns, and your breathing rate. The addition of sleep stages is a big step towards making the Apple Watch feel like an even more balanced health device, but I’d still like to see more.

Apple Watch showing activity goals

I want to change my Apple Watch activity goal for each day.

Lisa Edissico/CNET

Various activity goals for specific days of the week

No two days are ever exactly the same. exerciseFactors like how much sleep I slept the night before, my social plans, what I ate that day, and whether I commute to the office all affect how active I am. It would be nice if it could be adjusted to .

to move, stand, and change exercise goals apple watch Open the Activities app and tap[目標の変更]Tap the button. However, there is no option to adjust these goals for specific weekdays. My commute involves a lot of walking, so I like to increase my travel goals on days when I know I’ll be heading to the office.

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homepod mini

The HomePod Mini uses the U1 chip to improve how audio is transferred between devices.


Other uses for the U1 chip

Apple Watch Series 6 and 7 as well as iPhone11, 12 and 13 have Apple’s U1 ultra-wideband chip. UWB is a wireless short-range protocol that enables precise location tracking. But don’t think of this as a replacement for GPS. Rather, UWB is often used to allow devices to communicate with nearby gadgets in the same room. Apple’s AirDrop sharing feature works faster because it can more accurately identify other iPhones nearby.

UWB also improves the way iPhone and Apple Watch models work as digital car keys. Compatible cars can recognize your device when it’s nearby. That means you don’t have to hold your phone or Apple Watch near the key reader to unlock it as you approach your car.

This is a promising start, but I would love to see more clever use cases for the U1 chip. In theory, UWB could provide our devices with another layer of intelligence, allowing nearby gadgets to react to our presence. My colleague Stephen Shankland said, How UWB can really help When he wrote about this technology last year.

Imagine being able to automatically switch to the appropriate Netflix profile when your TV recognizes that your phone or watch is nearby. Or what if the smart speaker only offered calendar alerts relevant to who was in the room? Apple seems to be moving in this direction, as evidenced by. homepod mini, can provide certain haptic effects when transferring audio to a UWB-equipped iPhone. We hope to see more features like this built into the Apple Watch.

We’ll have to wait until the fall to find out what the next Apple Watch has in store.Based on Apple’s history, it seems plausible to expect regular upgrades like new processors. increase. but, Series 7 felt more sophisticated It’s a Series 6 upgrade, not a generational upgrade, so expect to see a bigger update in the near future.

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