What Oregon’s Beau Nix, Alex Forsyth and Bennett Williams Said After the Ducks Lost to Georgia

No. 11 Oregon lost 49-3 to No. 3 Georgia in the Chick-fil-A kickoff game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Saturday.

Ducks quarterback Beau Nix, center Alex Forsythe and safety Bennett Williams recovered the loss for the Ducks.

Below is a transcript of Oregon’s post-game press conference.

Q. Bo, can you tell me about the second interception? What did you see? what were you thinking? Why throw in that area?

BO NIX: Good play called.

Q. Bo, obviously, it’s a Georgia show you’ve seen a few times. Is it the same as old Georgia, or did you see anything different from Kirby’s defense?

BO NIX: Same Georgia. I’ve seen a lot of them like that. they are really good Really good in terms of attack. I’m really good at playing ball. Really good tackle. It’s hard to move the ball on those guys.

Q. Bo, 2 turnovers on offensive drive. you are moving the ball We’re getting close to scoring. Can you tell me what’s going through your mind after these two turnovers, did you feel defeated? What was your conversation with Dan like?

BO NIX: Well, that’s the first thing I felt that guy played great. The second is clearly a bad decision. Something like this happens. Unfortunately, this happened on the back-to-back he drive, not on the first down.

But my coach was very encouraging. They kept me in the game. In those situations, you can’t lose to it. You have to move on to the next play and do better.

Q. Two-part question: First, how would you rate yourself on competing in this fall camp and winning the job, and second, how would you rate your overall performance today?

BO NIX: First, I have to give Ty credit. he did a great job. Both are really good competitions.

What was the other part of your question?

Q. Self-evaluation only.

BO NIX: I feel like we’ve been more consistent offensively through the spring and summer. Being on a new system makes a little more sense.

After that, the relationship between receivers and tight ends is obviously really good throughout fall camp.

Q. Bo, you’ve been focused on this game for months and months and months. Being on the other side of it and being able to get back to work is a little comforting factor? What’s number one on your to-do list when you’re back in Eugene?

BO NIX: It’s a shame the opportunity was lost, it wouldn’t have been another outcome. Obviously, you hate losing, but you have to get over it.

A long season awaits. We have a lot of football left to play, so we will look forward to it and keep improving. Let’s go back to work tomorrow and see what happens.

Q. The coach leaves you in the game. I’ve never seen such a lopsided game where quarterbacks usually stay. What does staying mean?

BO NIX: Of course. Obviously, I think it was their decision. I just wanted to see how we competed and how we responded to such adversity. we kept fighting.

So, that match was difficult. Not gonna lie to you, it wasn’t pretty. I can’t sit here and say it was. I really can’t say much about it. So, obviously, that’s what it is. They pretty much beat us.

Q. Bo, Dan have talked a lot about ‘so what, what now’ when adversity hits. How important is that message now, and what will be important in the coming weeks for what this team wants to achieve?

BO NIX: Yeah, that message is now. That’s why he says for opportunities like this. We will have to come back next week to face our next opponent and build on the season.

Q. Bo, you converted pretty well on 3 down and had your own moments during the game. What did you think of Kenny Dillingham’s playcall for that aggressive streak you had?

BO NIX: If you watch the game, you moved the ball, especially early on. Clearly, sales won us over. We had some important third downs to keep the ball moving, but the third down plan felt important to us. We put a lot of emphasis on that, but it was one area where we did well.

Q. Bennett, especially when you look at the box scores, when you look at the game itself, when it’s 10-9 on third down, that number keeps getting away from you guys and they keep converting so what’s going on in your mind Is it? Every time you get a third down?

Bennett Williams: Next play. There are many things I kept repeating today. They clearly had a game plan for attacking the perimeter, but it just didn’t work out for us.

They started to understand what was coming and they did and we didn’t.

Q. For Alex, Georgia clearly had a lot of key talent on the defensive side. Can you give us some insight into what they were doing to be effective?

Alex Forsythe: Yeah they were trying to mix the front up a little bit and gave us an exotic look. Coach Klemm has been prepping all week for pretty much everything we were going to see. gave me

We just trusted our rules, but in the end it just wasn’t good enough.

Q. Alex, you said on Media Day this year that you were thinking about the last two games of last season and how memorable they were. How does that feel in the context of this game right now, and does it yield similar results to those two games?

Alex Forsyth: I hate to lose. There is no moral victory in losing. There are no small victories. we have to get back to work. You have to be grown up about it. you have to take medicine

When you watch the movie, it’s like, hey, I need to do better, we need to do better, and we’ve got to find it. Don’t pretend it’s not there. You must attack from the front. It’s the only way to improve.

We really have to control this team and make sure everyone is 100% aware of it. It’s a short memory once you land in Eugene. “So what, what now?”

Q. Alex, no touchdowns were scored today. You can dig into the box scores and pick out whatever you want, but as an offensive lineman, what’s the biggest thing you have to improve as a unit from week one to week two?

Alex Forsyth: Establishing the Run Game. I think we can get to that early on and trust them to put the game on our backs.

I didn’t get enough work done today. Of course, the score says so too. We need to get better, we can almost take over the game, we can move the ball and run the plays.

Q. It’s very simple, Alex. Is that the best team you’ve played against? And after months of people talking about it, just seeing that physicality, what was it like to actually play in that game? mosquito?

Alex Forsyth: I think I’ve had this game circled on my calendar since the end of last year. i know i have All through fall camp, I was watching movies to see what we were up against.

They’re obviously a really great team. Really talented. I played really hard. played smart. I don’t know what their penalty was, but I don’t think it was much.

Yeah, they were a really good team, and they were really talented.

Q. Bennett, does a loss like this call into question this team, direction, etc.?

BENNETT WILLIAMS: No, no, I’m sure there are people on the team where suspicion is starting to creep in, but our job as leaders is to make sure we’re a really good team. We didn’t show you today, but Georgia was obviously really good, right? I couldn’t play the original game and it got out of hand. The score shows it, but we have to go to the next game.

1 loss, right? I know the score is 49-3, but even a one point difference counts as a loss. Now we’re heading to the next match, and it’s all our job as leaders to make sure we get to the next match, as he said earlier.

Q. Following that, you are two of the older players. You are two of the leaders of this team. You talk about being a player-driven team. No matter how much you don’t like it, no matter how much I don’t like it, we live in the world of college football and in 72 hours they tell you you guys are already out of the playoffs , the best you guys can do is win the league. Maybe a rose bowl. That’s it. As an older guy who’s been through it and seen it, how can the message being said in the national conversation this week seep into what we’re going to play all season for the next three months? Can the message be prevented?

Alex Forsyth: Well, again, I think we need to reiterate that no one is in the college football playoffs. He’s not a single person who ranks these teams to play against Oregon football. The only person I care about is the one behind that door, and that’s the only person who really makes a difference this season.

It just keeps outside noise out. They’ll tear you apart, backstab you, and try to put a smile on your face when you do good, but keep going to the next play, the next game. .

Q. Bennett, you missed a lot of tackles today. What was being said to bystanders to clear it up?

BENNETT WILLIAMS: One of my main goals going into the match was to be a good tackler, but I wasn’t able to do that today.

I know it’s my first game. View statistics. Week 1 is where the most missed tackles are in all of college football. I didn’t get enough work done today.

They brought physicality. Sometimes you don’t want to say you avoided it, but a lot of times you have to end it. There are two more steps whether you want to take your feet off and dive or whatever. So that’s something we have to improve for next week.

Q. Bennett said, from a scheme standpoint, Georgia clearly has some unique talent at tight ends and running backs. What have they done to present such a challenge in terms of planning as you guys try to match them?

BENNETT WILLIAMS: Honestly, they ran today. It was a quick screen across the board. They think he had one deep ball above our heads. It was all border screens.

We planned many different things. After all, we hadn’t played the perimeter screen enough. They know it, so they kept at it. I need to take medicine and make those adjustments next week.

Q. Bennett, Alex brought up the “so what, what now” mentality that Dan tried to instill in you guys. 2nd week next he 5-6 days, how important is that. Do you think your team embraces that mindset? Or do you need coaching from you, the leaders, to bring your team to that mindset?

BENNETT WILLIAMS: I’m sure we’ll need some encouragement from our leaders, but overall, honestly, I’m really proud of how resilient this team has been. I think this will be another opportunity.

It looks really bad. it looked terrible. No one is going to deny it, but what can we do about it now? I truly believe in this team and believe in our talent. All you need to do is run, get back to the drawing board, and figure out what you have to work on.

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