We tried the Gozney Dome to see if its waitlist and sold-out launch were worth it

Photo credit: Rene Strgar/JRVisuals

Photo credit: Rene Strgar/JRVisuals

It’s safe to say that the pizza oven has definitely been a summer kitchen gadget. Whether people were raving about her Roccbox, hashtagging her Ooni on Insta, or searching the middle aisle for her Aldi’s affordable pizza oven products, they were in the moment. It seems that it was a gadget of

But if you’re investing in an outdoor oven that comes with a hefty price tag, you want something a little more vibrant.

Introducing the Gosney Dome. Billing itself as the world’s most versatile outdoor oven, he’s one of the most popular kitchen gadgets (sold out within eight hours).

Note the use of outdoor ovens here. Founded by Tom Gozney in 2010, Gozney began its journey as a high-quality pizza his oven his brand (and still champions its use for good pies), but the brand It’s grown beyond that, proving that one can do so much more.

Cooking with wood is the main focus, but you can also opt for dual fuel, which allows you to use both wood and gas. I chose the latter, and while cooking in the wood is definitely a lot of fun, sometimes you want a quicker option.

I was a little surprised when it arrived. The box was huge, and I soon began to reconsider whether the search for a fancy new oven was worth the sheer amount of assembly work. I was able to put it on the stand. It took about an hour. This included moving it into place and my dad read the instruction manual very carefully.

So let’s start with the design. Opening it all up sparked pure excitement within me. I’m a sucker for great packages. Sleek opening an iPhone box, untangling the ribbon on a gift-wrapped Joe Malone candle, I’m a clever packaging geek, but Gosny does just this.

Everything screams luxury, and I have to admit that unpacking each element of the Dome was just as much fun as the first pizza I cooked.

There is no denying that this is a stylish kit. It stands in a corner of my garden, begging to be seen and admired. It’s the ultimate conversation starter, and when ignited, the flames hit the inside of the mouth opening for a showy display of light.


Getting up and running with Gozney was easy thanks to a series of helpful instructional videos and a very sophisticated manual guide. Sure, cooking with wood takes a lot of time, but there’s something very magical about cooking this way – not to mention the flavor it imparts. We chose 15% moisture beechwood logs (at Gozny’s recommendation) and all in all, including the fire, it took about 45 minutes to come up to temperature.

Here we encountered the first hurdle. Gosny Dome is not something you just leave it up to. Especially when firing it for the first time. This bad boy needs his TLC. Grab your drink of choice and get ready to stand domeside. You have to be careful to keep it going. Yes, I foolishly passed out for too long trying to roll out pizza dough in the kitchen and turned the oven temperature a little too low for my liking, but once I got the hang of it, it was much easier to use .

This is where the added built-in digital thermometer comes in. A big win in my eyes. Not only can you see the internal temperature of your oven, you can also track the temperature of your meat with the Meat Probes accessory. This is especially great when cooking large pieces of meat. Because the cooking time is much different than cooking in the oven (I learned the hard way with the beautiful sirloin pieces).

Yup, this is the second learning. Obviously, a conventional kitchen he cooks at twice the temperature of his in the oven, so the food will cook much faster than in the oven. To put this into perspective, my pizza took about 90 seconds on wood and about 2 minutes on gas. It was fast.

So what did you actually cook in the oven? Pizza night has been a favorite in our house since the Dome was born, and we’ve cooked up everything from steak to shrimp to apple tarte tatin to vegetables for pizza night. The possibilities are endless. In fact, the long-awaited release is the Dome Steam Injector that makes baking perfect.

How much is Gosney Dome?

The wood-only option costs £1,199, but you can upgrade to multi-fuel for an additional £300. This price includes a digital thermometer and probe, an integrated gas burner and regulator, a stone floor pack, and everything else you need to use your Dome.

Of course, you can buy a range of accessories such as dome stands (£289), wood loaders (£40), turning peels (£59) and pizza lockers (£25). In fact, Gozney has so many add-ons on his website that you can actually open up a pizza pop-up in your backyard.

What can you cook in the Gosneydome?

So, just like an oven, you can literally cook anything in a dome. Along with pizza, whole cuts of meat (especially those with a smoky wood flavor) are perfect, but you can tuck a skillet inside and cook everything from giant chocolate chip cookies to mussels in a skillet pan. In fact, at this year’s Wilderness Festival, I found a whole row of charred green onions on the dome.

What gas does Gosny Dome use?

The Gozney uses propane gas, the same standard patio gas as most barbecues.

How to clean Gosny Dome?

This was so easy. The best way to clean the dome is to burn off any food or debris inside. After the oven has cooled completely, use a soft brush to remove any remaining crumbs.

Externally, we recommend using a bleach-free cleaning spray to keep the exterior clean. It goes without saying that the dome should be covered when it is not in use, especially in cold or wet weather.

How many pizzas can the Gosney Dome bake?

You can easily bake two pizzas at once with gas, but one is best with wood.

Photo credit: Gozny

Photo credit: Gozny

Can the Gozny Dome Oven be used indoors?

Gozney says it can only be used indoors with gas fuel if properly ventilated, so I recommend reading their advice carefully before attempting this. , the dome is so well made and protected that you can use it outdoors all year round, even if you’re cooking pizza in the thermal!

Can I put the dome outdoors?

absolutely! While most pizza ovens are designed to withstand all the elements, we made our ovens from marine-grade weather-resistant materials to fully protect the dome from rain, wind, frost, UV rays, insects, and wildlife. We recommend investing in a dome cover.

Is Gosney Dome Worth It?

Now this is the million dollar question. On the surface, his £1,499 price tag might seem surprising, but if you’re serious about investing in your outdoor oven, the Dome is definitely worth it. . It’s in the same price range as other good barbecues, but its design, ease of use and versatility are unmatched.

Yes, there were some hiccups, but with practice it became perfect and eventually I was raking in pizza like I did when I took shifts at my local pizzeria. With the wood option, the flavors were wonderful, smoky, woody, charred and my pizza was always blistered and frothy, exactly as it should have been.

I also think it’s worth mentioning all of the support, guides, videos and recipe inspiration that add to the experience of owning a Dome.

Get one of these and you will definitely be the envy of all amateur BBQ enthusiasts and professional chefs. Expect to host many more dinner parties for your friends.

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