Volkswagen Group Launches Hackathon i.mobilothon to Explore Innovations in Mobility Solutions

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Volkswagen Group Technology Solutions Indiathe global technology hub of the Volkswagen Group, Skoda Auto Volkswagen India and Skoda Auto Digilab India are 2nd i.mobilethon versionis a virtual hackathon focused on prototyping various solutions in the mobility space.

Launching on September 13, 2022, the Hackathon aims to bring together the industry’s sharpest minds. Broadening his horizons, the event invites participants from his three broad categories: start-ups, Volkswagen Group employees and their partners, and university students from all over the country. Over several weeks, participants tackled a series of challenges focused on real-world business problems, using a variety of technologies to find innovative solutions to these problems.

i.mobilothon’s scope includes four themes: holistic sustainability, transforming mobility with AI, Internet of Things, and Metaverse mobility solutions.

Stephan Fingerling, Managing Director of Volkswagen IT Solutions in Wolfsburg, Germany, launched i.mobilothon. In his opening speech, Stephan said: He is interested in the great ideas and prototypes that will be created at this Hackathon, especially how IT and digitalization can help reduce our carbon footprint and benefit our children and future generations. ”

“It is a great start for the tech community to participate in a hackathon focused on disruptive ideas/solutions/products based on the automotive and mobility sectors. I would like to invite you to the hackathon.Thanks to Stephan Fingerling for flagging the event.” said Sidharth Yadav, Managing Director, Volkswagen Group Technology Solutions India.

The top two participants in each category will receive prizes such as co-creation opportunities for startups, cash and employment opportunities for students, and gadgets and goodies for employees. Its evaluation criteria are based on parameters such as impact, degree of innovation, scalability, time to market and risk of failure.

i.mobilothon runs for 10 weeks, registration starts at 13th September.of the last day Submit your idea 14th October The final presentation, including prototypes, and the closing ceremony with the distribution of prizes may be held towards the end of November 2022.

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