Victoria Beckham screams on a roller coaster

Victoria Beckham has been in the public eye for almost 30 years, having rose to fame in 1994 as one-fifth of the British pop group Spice Girls.

Popularly known by her nickname ‘Posh Spice’, Victoria quickly earned a reputation as the most serious and reserved of the girls.

Her alter ego was initially chosen by Peter Loraine, editor of British magazine Top of the Pops, inspired by Victoria’s upper-middle-class background, love of fashion and sophisticated demeanor.

Rather than try to change that perception of herself, Victoria decided to fall back on her new moniker and created her famously moody persona, as seen in the 1997 Spice Girls movie. spice world.

Throughout the film, Victoria can be seen refusing to participate in any physical work, only caring about her appearance and designer dresses.

When the group disbanded in the early 2000s, Victoria maintained a carefully curated public image as she embarked on a new career as a fashion designer.

On social media and in various public appearances, the star has repeatedly proven she’s just kidding by embracing the Posh Spice character that’s been pushed against her and making fun of the way she’s been perceived.

One thing she is well known for is refusing to show a smile in photos and interviews, instead opting for a sultry pout. In 2017, Victoria referenced this when she wore a T-shirt that read, “Fashion stole my smile.”

This is the same thing she told Vogue two years ago when asked why she didn’t look happy.

And earlier this year, Victoria took a peek at her personal life over the years when she shared a beaming photo with her husband, David Beckham, on the occasion of their 23rd wedding anniversary. I refute the assumptions that have been made.

“They say he’s not funny, they say I never laugh, they said it won’t last πŸ˜‚ Today we celebrate 23 years married. David you My everything, I love you so much!!!! πŸ’•,” she captioned the post.

Victoria married football legend David in 1999 and has four children, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper.

And in addition to her pout, Victoria is also noted for her incredibly strict diet, reportedly eating the same meal of steamed fish and vegetables every day.

In fact, in 2020, it was claimed that Victoria lifted her 20-year no-carb rule by eating homemade pizza during lockdown.

And last year, the star addressed this speculation, sharing a photo on Instagram of a car with the “VB BKRY” license plate, joking that it resembled a “bakery.” Carbohydrates all the time! “

Her ferocious diet and “classy” reputation were also the subject of her first TikTok when she joined the video-sharing site earlier this year.

Sitting elegantly at the table in a black gown, Victoria said to the camera:

At this point, the butler walked in and lifted the cloche from the plate in front of me, revealing a steamed salmon fillet and a small portion of vegetables.

And this week, Victoria turned to TikTok again to reveal a whole new side of herself to the world while trying to overcome her fear of roller coasters.

In the hilarious video, Victoria bids farewell to her usual calm, dignified and restrained public image, tearing up, screaming in horror and nearly throwing up in front of the camera.

All the while, David was seen laughing hysterically. In response to her daughter’s dramatic reaction to the ride, she even told her daughter, “Mommy is crying.”

As the video began, Victoria’s voice was noticeably trembling as she spoke to the camera. “We’re here in Aspen, what are you doing, David?” I asked my husband, who was sitting right behind me.

“We are on a roller coaster,” he replied. Her visibly frightened Victoria explained, “I’m so scared right now because I’m so scared of roller coasters.”

David then claimed it was “not really a roller coaster”, and it was later revealed that he could control his own speed as he circled the track.

“Don’t go fast, don’t go fast!”

It quickly became too much for Victoria and she started screaming. I feel bad. Oh yes. God, take it easy! “

Victoria hid her face under her baseball cap and sobbed.

“It’s not funny, it’s not funny.” I was.

David promised his wife a glass of rosΓ© at the end of the ride.

She captioned her TikTok: “Trying to overcome my biggest fear 😧 I’m literally terrified by everything that even resembles a roller coaster!! @davidbeckham made this ride a real Feel like you’re having fun!”

Needless to say, Victoria’s followers were stunned by the video’s uncharacteristic realism.

“Guys, we knew we were just humans at bottom, but this really cemented it for me and I loved it,” one person commented. : “I really love these clips of you. Very funny.”

Someone else said: “The most intimate marital moment ever”. Another follower joked.

Another is summarized as follows: Mr. B even panics.

Victoria’s decision to let go of her public image came after she admitted that she felt more and more liberated as she got older.

In 2019, she told Glamour, A sense of security and fulfillment. “

And after nearly 30 years of watching Mrs. VB carefully follow the lines of her Posh Spice persona, I have to admit I couldn’t be more thrilled to finally get a glimpse of the real Victoria. not.

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