Updated Commander’s Depth Chart following Wednesday’s move on CB, LB, and TE

The Commanders announced their “initial” roster on Tuesday to comply with NFL rules requiring teams to be reduced to 53 players.

Several moves were announced by the team on Wednesday, another was reported, and is expected to be officially announced on Thursday.


The team announced they had acquired two cornerbacks from Waiver. Tariq Castro Fields When Ratchad Wild GooseCastro Fields was a sixth-round pick in this year’s draft from Penn State, while Wild Goose was drafted in the sixth round a year ago and played in the final four games of the ’21 season. Played only two defensive snaps, but 28 snaps on special teams.

Reports that the veteran middle linebacker surfaced late Wednesday John BostickReleased by the Saints on Tuesday, he plans to re-sign with Washington. Bostic previously spent three seasons in Washington under two different coaching staffs, but the 2021 season ended in early October last year due to a chest injury.


The team announced Wednesday that two backup linebackers have been released. Dijon Harris When David Mayo.

wounded reserve

The team is reportedly planning to place a rookie tight end Curtis Hodges With injured reserves on Thursday to free up roster space needed to sign Bostic.

Hodges has had an impressive preseason and the coaching staff wants to keep him if possible.

Returning Hodges to the IR will allow Hodges to return to the active roster after Week 4 of the regular season when he is healthy. NFL rules state that if the Commanders put him in his IR before 4 p.m. Tuesday, the player cannot return to his Commanders roster in 2022 and play for another team unless released I couldn’t have done it. IR will be available by the end of the year.

Updated depth chart

The number that appears next to some players’ names is 2022 cap hits per over-the-cap.

Please note that the assigned positions and color coding are my personal opinion. They don’t necessarily represent the thoughts of Washington’s coaches or his front office, nor do they necessarily align with fan consensus. This chart represents my interpretation and may not reflect the thoughts of other writers regarding Hoggs and his Haven. Finally, when it comes to players, backups he doesn’t put much effort into making sure he’s right or left or behind the particular player he’s backing up. I’m mostly trying to fit everyone into the chart efficiently.

The team may not have completed the roster move yet. One question mark floating over the roster concerns the health of the rookie running back and third-round draft pick. Brian Robinson, was shot twice while trying to jack up the car over the weekend. The team has the option to put Robinson on the NFI (non-football injuries) reserves list, but doing so would require the running back to miss at least four weeks of the regular season, like Curtis Hodges.

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