Universe finally beat NC State with Wolfpack’s 21-20 victory over ECU.

where do i start? I really don’t know where to start. Anyway, there was a football game and North Carolina State won. It started out like a nightmare, then got better, almost ended in a nightmare, but got better.

If State could have scripted a way to lose a game like this, then State would make a mistake, fail to take advantage of the turnover, and Devin Leary would play his worst game, making it worse than what happened most of the day. Couldn’t be better. The game we saw from him.

The Wolfpack offense managed only two touchdowns in a day, both in the first half. In fact, all of State’s points came in the first half. But still they managed. It’s a miracle.

Well, not a miracle, but a disaster for East Carolina’s special teams. The Pirates blocked a punt in the first half to give North Carolina State his 14-7 lead. The Wolfpack pushed the lead to 21-7 with an impressive touchdown made by Demi Sumo’s Kalungbey near the end of the second quarter. Half-time wasn’t played the best, but the pack clearly dominated as half-time approached.

And… yes. i dunno. sports. Sports happened. Usually when half football is so frustrating, it ends predictably. You’re a wasted effort that’s worth the loss, and it usually ends up in the end. (It was correct to aim at 4 down.)

State’s defense was generally solid, but the defense also struggled for a good part of the day as the offense thwarted all efforts to keep the pressure off this game. ECU scored his 1st in the 3rd quarter and added a clear tying goal in the 4th.

This is where the hijinks continued. With proper hindsight, I’m sure that in the end, what happened will turn out to be very funny. However, I was very upset with the state play, and disbelief, discouragement, and more disbelief quickly followed, and the moment wasn’t all that enjoyable.

But in summary, just to make sure you remember this actually happened: ECU scored a potentially game-tying touchdown and missed the extra point. Kick it, stop it quickly, move the ball into field goal range, play for the field goal (never a good idea), and miss that field goal wide right.

There has probably been a luckier football win than this one, but frankly, I can’t come up with one.

that was another thing. Wow. Oh my god, man. Wow. 1-0.

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