Twitter’s edit button is a big test for the platform’s future

Twitter seems to have taken care of adding an edit button as best it could. The edit button leans toward transparency, adding an edit history to every tweet and displaying a big notification that the tweet has been edited. A user can only edit a tweet for 30 minutes, and he can only edit it “a few times”. Twitter will look closely at these numbers in testing to determine exactly how editable a Tweet should actually be. , the tests will start small. Twitter is paying as much attention to this as it can and seems to have landed in the right place.

Twitter or not should do it Having an edit button is still a fun and controversial argument. Will some users abuse this feature to create (or create) viral tweets and alter them into problematic ones that many users will see? Most people want the edit button to be fully valid, normal, and platform better? Can Twitter do enough to track and mitigate fraud? The vast majority of users — fix typos, restate misunderstandings, update tweets as things change. Will it allow users who just want to update or use Twitter for what it’s intended to do?? That’s the real question.

Twitter’s edit button became a hot topic Latest Vergecastabove or wherever you can get a podcast.

Over the last few years, Twitter has significantly increased the pace of product development. The company promised to be more open about what it thinks and what it tests, and it delivered. The fleet was destined to be huge, until it wasn’t. Spaces seems to be the future of Twitter and now includes podcasts. Twitter appeared to be all-in on their newsletter for about an hour and a half. Super follow! Twitter shop! Now there is Circle, a Twitter feature for sharing only with close friends and followers. It’s a lot of stuff, and it’s hard to tell how much Twitter really cares.

This is good in many respects. Twitter moved too slowly for over a decade, but finally started shipping software at an alarming rate. But Twitter is different from other social networks. more distributed. Many people come across tweets embedded on his website. Many use third-party Twitter accounts. Many people view tweets like screenshots from cable news. Sure, you can embed a Facebook post or his TikTok, but given Twitter’s status as a kind of information hub for the internet, how tweets travel around the world is a bigger concern. It comes with risks.

Part of Twitter’s recent product push was to improve its own app so more people could use it, see ads in the app, and drop $5 a month on Twitter Blue. . Stuffing more auxiliary functionality into your app is a classic platform strategy. But Twitter’s cultural influence far outweighs the app’s actual popularity. With the US presidential election looming, Twitter’s reach could surge again in the next few years. In other words, for Twitter to really take hold of the feature, it needs to do so outside of its own app.

Twitter’s track record on that front is, in a nutshell, terrible. The company has made a lot of noise about being a better partner for third-party developers, but many developers are so fed up with Twitter’s behavior over the years that they’re quick to jump on Twitter’s new ideas. I will not. And most of what the company has built and shipped isn’t even available in his Tweetdeck, a power-user app owned by Twitter itself.

One problem is that apps and platforms don’t support certain features or add-ons, but the edit button represents a fundamental change to Twitter’s core unit, the Tweet. When one tweet can be different in different places, Twitter suddenly starts feeling like an unreliable narrator.

This will become increasingly important if Twitter’s future is a protocol rather than a platform. (Of course, the usual Elon Musk-related caveats apply here — the future of Twitter is anyone’s guess. It’s all chaos and no one knows where this whole thing will end up.) Twitter We are driving the future of innovation in society,” and rethink everything from how communities operate to how algorithms work. Project Bluesky was created within Twitter to build an “open and decentralized standard for social media,” and is already working on tools that make it easier to move posts and engagement across platforms.

Twitter is trying to get developers involved with an edit button, which is encouraging. “We know how important it is to have visibility into edited tweets,” said his Twitter developer account for the company. tweeted on thursday, “We are ready to provide read support for edited Tweet metadata via the Twitter API.” It’s good news for researchers, too. However, Twitter keeps saying this is just a test, and tracking all of Twitter’s tests is a dangerous waste of time for developers.

It seems likely that Twitter will follow suit and eventually ship an edit button to the public. As the company would like to remind us, this has been the most requested feature among Twitter users for years, and certainly most of those requesters will either cause confusion or Bitcoin. I don’t want the feature for fraud reasons. When it comes it will change Twitter because it will change tweets. And it will be far outside the Twitter app whether the company is ready or not will change things.

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