Turtle Rock Studios Talks Cultists, Traps, and New Cleaners

Turtle Rock Studios released their second extension yesterday. left 4 dead spiritual heir, Back 4 Blood: Children of the Worm. The latest paid DLC included in the game’s Season Pass offers new cleaners, tools, weapons, cards, cosmetic skins, and new Acts for the game’s story.And even a veteran back 4 brad Players will find challenges in the expansion’s centerpiece.A new faction known as the Cultists, or titular enemies Children of worms.

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Game Rant recently had a conversation with Turtle Rock Studios community manager Rose Ty. Back 4 Blood’s Recently announced and newly released additions. The transcript below has been edited for clarity and brevity.

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Q: Please introduce your favorite and introduce yourself back 4 brad Cleaner and Weapon Combo.

A: Hello! I’m Rose, Community Manager at Turtle Rock Studios. My favorite cleaner is Karlee. She likes her outfit and demeanor. My favorite weapon combination is Scar and her Deagle. I like having the flexibility to clear a powerful horde and damage a single target. I like it.

Q: Give us a quick overview for those who haven’t heard of it yet. children of worms bring to back 4 brad?

A: In future DLC expansions, children of worms, Introducing all-new acts, weapons, accessories, cards, cleaners, Dan the Prophet, and a new enemy threat, the Cultist, aka the Child of the Worms. A new act, Act 5, is his one mission with six chapters. During this part of the campaign, the player will befriending his four cultists his members (Pathflinger, Slasher, Sniper, and Clone).

Q: How do new campaign acts mix up established ones? back 4 brad method? And approximately how long does it take players to complete?

A: There are new enemies (The Cultists), new corruption cards, new items, and new weapons. Focus on your new consumable, food. These are very useful when the player feels quite hungry during the campaign run. GreedyI always advise players to play the game at their own pace. This new law may take longer than others.

If you are a brand new player and this is your first rodeo back 4 bradWe recommend playing Acts 1-4 first to get a feel for the game on Recruit or Veteran difficulty. You’ll really need supply points to build your deck and familiarize yourself with the Ridden variant. For example, a Sleeper (a disembodied torso attached to a wall with thick webbing) will summon Hordes on Veteran and above difficulty, but not on Recruit.

Q: What new threats will players encounter? Children of worms?

A: In addition to the new Cultist, there are a few other items that keep Cleaners in check.New Bear Trap, Duster, and Bait Jar back 4 bradDuster is a trap set by The Cultists that when an unaware Cleaner walks or runs through it, it will cover the Cleaner in “dust” and summon a horde to swarm the Cleaner that tripped it. . Bait jars are jars filled with leaker bile that are thrown by passflingers. Cleaners hit by these bait jars are slowed down and swarmed by Common Ridden. Bear traps pin a single target and apply a bloody debuff. Bait jars and bear traps are also items that Cleaner has adapted into his accessory arsenal, available for purchase from Vendor in his crates.

Q: children of worms The trailer, and the name of the new cleaner, seem to make fun of ‘faith’ as ​​the new expansion’s theme. Back 4 blood?

A: You have to keep a secret! The mysteries and stories in this expansion are very exciting for players to experience.

Q: Did existing zombie stories or other zombie media influence the development of ? children of wormscampaign of?

A: Rather than looking back at past zombie stories and media, we’ve focused on moving the narrative forward by exploring what people can or want to do when they’re in danger. If you cross those lines too far, it’s not much different than Ridden.

Q: What insights can you share about your new Cleaner, The Prophet?

A: It’s not just cultists that make you uneasy. “Prophet” Dan’s cleaner perks are more than meets the eye.

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Q: Can you give us an overview of the new cards that come with it? children of worms? Do you have a personal favorite?

A: Do you like damage resistance? You might want to take a look at Crippling Frequency. This is a new gadget type card. This replaces gadgets that occupy attack item slots and use SMG ammo to trigger effects. In this case, you and your nearby teammates take less damage. I arbitrarily combine this with melee builds.

What if you or your teammates dropped a live pipe bomb when you were incapacitated and Common Ridden rushed in? Jokes aside, this card is one of my favorites when running in full squad or in offline mode.

Q: how is it back 4 brad Expanding arsenal with children of wormsCan you talk about some of the challenges associated with balancing and integrating new weapons into the game?

A: The hardest part about adding new weapons is making them feel important. We want every weapon to have its own place in the meta or fit the player’s style.

Q: children of worms We are also adding new cleaner skins. Can you give us a rough idea of ​​how many skins we will see in this expansion?

A: I own children of worms Grants an exclusive weapon skins theme pack of 12 weapons and 8 exclusive cleaner skins. La Madre (for Mom) and Jammer (for Holly) are his two of the skull totem skins available in this update.

Q: Do you have any plans back 4 brad rear children of worms What can you share?

A: We are currently working on the third DLC expansion for the Annual Pass.If people thought we did something crazy and cool children of wormswait until we see what we’re cooking for everyone in Expansion 3.

Q: Is there anything else you would like readers to know?

A: Our team is very grateful to the community for sticking with us and coming back to try out new features. children of worms, It’s as much fun for players as it is for development.


Back 4 Blood: Children of the Worm is currently available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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