Tips for finding the best flights, according to frequent flyers

  • Whenever my family of five travels, I try to save on airfare whenever possible.
  • I use the “Explore” feature in Google Flights to browse deals for different dates and destinations.
  • Some airlines offer cheaper rates at airport ticket counters than online.

We have 22 trips planned for our family of 5 this year, so we need to stick to a tight budget.

One way to save money is to find cheap flights. That’s why we’ve developed some proven strategies to ensure you book the cheapest fares possible.

Here’s how to find the most affordable flight options.

Try searching for deals on Google flights

I used Google Flights to find almost all flights. Online flight booking services are very simple tools, but they can help you find great deals.

I was able to book a trip to Costa Rica this year and a 5 week trip to Europe last year without wasting airfare thanks to the cheap rates I found on Google Flights.

The best part is that this tool is completely free.

Diana Brinkhorn hugging her daughters

I found a cheap flight ticket and was able to travel to Europe for 5 weeks.

Diana Brinkhorn

Use the “Explore” feature in Google Flights

When looking at Google Flights, look at the “explore” feature of the tool.

This is not the first page of Google Flights, so I’m afraid it’s under-used, but you’ll find the best deals here.

All I have to do is add the dates of my desired trip. This can be as specific or flexible as you want, just enter your home airport and hit the “search” button.

Then Google Flights will do all the work for you. Deals will be displayed on the map. Once you’ve found the deals that match your criteria, you can start planning your trip.

Be as flexible as possible regarding travel dates and destinations

Most of the time, my family knows the general timeframe for when we want to travel.

This approach often works in our favor as browsing different locations and dates opens up more affordable travel opportunities.

Being flexible during the planning process will help you find the best deals.

Scroll the Google flight map and zoom in on different regions

We spend a lot of time looking for great deals on Google flights, but sometimes the best travel options don’t immediately appear on the map.

Google seems to suggest destinations that I think I’d like, but I’m not usually stuck in one place, so I zoomed in on the map, clicked on an area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest, and I like finding more options.

That way, you won’t miss a great flight to a less-visited spot.

Some airlines offer cheaper rates at the airport than online

Some low-cost airlines also offer ticket booking services at the airport. In my experience, airlines offer fares that are almost always a bit lower than what you see online.

Doing some preliminary research at home and heading to the airline ticket counter usually saves about $60 per ticket. Traveling with 5 people can add up to a significant savings.

I recently saved $300 on a flight to St. Thomas simply because I bought the ticket at the airport instead of booking online.

This tip doesn’t apply to all airlines, so be sure to double check before heading to the airport. Most successful with low cost airlines such as Frontier and Spirit.

Plan ahead to find the best deals

Traveling like a family requires a lot of planning. He checks online prices from once a week to once a day because new deals appear when flight schedules change.

If you want to take advantage of ever-changing deals, it’s a good idea to monitor prices as soon as possible and often. I can say You never know when the price will drop.

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