Tiger Woods supports Serena Williams at US Open


Between them, they’ve won 38 major championships in their respective sports, and Tiger Woods is in the seat as Serena Williams takes to the court Wednesday to face the No. 2 player in the world at the US Open. and arrived at the stand with her family. At Arthur Ashe Stadium.

“He’s one of the reasons I’m here,” Williams told reporters after defeating Annette Kontaveit in three sets.

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Woods was also an avid supporter, delivering vintage Tiger fist pumps and later tweeting when Williams’ victory was complete. But he was no ordinary fan.

Woods, 46, and Williams, 40, have developed a relationship in which they rely on him as a mentor, she recently revealed to Vogue, as their legendary athletic careers come to an end.

Williams has played just four games in the last 14 months, winning only once. Her last match before the US Open was a one-sided, error-ridden loss to 19-year-old Emma Raducanu in just 65 minutes on Aug. 16. Her trip to Wimbledon this summer ended with her loss in the first round and an injury after slipping on wet grass.

She was starting to mentally prepare for what she called her evolution next — a business venture and possibly joining a family that included five-year-old daughter Olympia — but when she turned professional. 14 years old who was not ready to leave the sport. She enters the Woods.

“I was talking to my friend, Tiger Woods, and he said I needed his advice on my tennis career. Maybe.” [tennis]’” Williams told Rob Haskell at Vogue. “He was a tiger and he was adamant that I was a beast just like him!

“He said, ‘Serena, why don’t you just give me two weeks? You don’t have to commit to anything. Let’s go out on the court every day for two weeks and give it our all and see what happens.’ Okay, I think I can,’ he said. “

Fans of Serena Williams celebrated her US Open match victory over second-seeded Annette Kontavate in New York on August 31. (Video: Reuters)

The question for Serena Williams now is how far can she go at the US Open?

Williams said he waited a month before returning to the court.

At the time she said, “Good. I’m really good. I went back and forth between playing Wimbledon and then playing the US Open. Like I said, this whole evolution is not easy for me.” There was not.”

For now, her evolution is pending. Next up for her US Open is Thursday night doubles with her sister Venus. On Friday, she will face unseeded Adjula her Tomljanovic and, with the No. 2 player out of the way, Margaret won her 24 Grand Slams on her court to match her title record in singles. On the other hand, I know a draw will favor her for a while.

“I know there are fans’ fantasies that they might have married Margaret in London that day. [at Wimbledon], and broke her record in New York, saying “See you later!” at the trophy ceremony. I have a bad goodbye, the worst in the world. But please know that I appreciate you more than words can say. You have led me to many victories and many trophies. I miss that version of me, that girl who used to play tennis. And I miss you

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