Tiffany Haddish, Aries Spears accused of child abuse

Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears have been accused of coercing a 14-year-old girl and her 7-year-old brother to groom themselves and film an overt skit, according to a new lawsuit obtained by Page Six. rice field.

The comedian is being sued by brothers identified in legal documents as Jane Doe, now 22, and John Doe, now 14. He is also a plaintiff in lawsuits on behalf of

Their mother claims that she and Haddish, 42, met through comedy and had a close relationship during their respective divorces.

“We were both going through a divorce,” the mother told The Daily Beast, the first outlet to report the news. became really, really, very, very close.”

Tiffany Haddish
Haddish and Spears allegedly coerced a 14-year-old girl and her 7-year-old brother into filming explicit skits.
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According to the lawsuit, Haddish called his family “every birthday and Christmas.”

In 2013, Haddish appeared as a guest speaker at a summer camp attended by 14-year-old Jane, the same year she divorced William Stewart after five years of marriage.

Around that time, Haddish is said to have told Jane that she had found the teen “perfect role” in her commercial. Haddish and Spears, 47, are said to have been aware of the plot.

The filming involved Haddish allegedly teaching Jane how to mimic the fellatio in a skit about children arguing over a sub-sandwich.

“I tried to imitate what they wanted me to imitate, and it still ended up being very unpleasant,” Jane told the Daily Beast. , I realized that I hadn’t completed what they asked of me.”

Spear of Aries
Spears is a “Mad TV” alum.
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The lawsuit alleges that Haddish paid Jane $100 before sending her home.

Jane told the Daily Beast that she did not initially tell her mother about the alleged incident.

“I didn’t tell anyone how strange I felt in that moment,” she said.

A year later, Haddish contacted her brother’s mother and informed her brother John of his interest in Nickelodeon’s sizzle reel.

According to the complaint, a seven-year-old boy sexually assaulted Haddish and Spears while filming a disturbing video titled “Through the Eyes of a Pedophile,” which was released through online platforms such as Funny or Die. claim to have been abused.

Tiffany Haddish
Haddish and Spears allegedly molested a 7-year-old boy while filming a disturbing video titled “Through the Eyes of a Pedophile.”
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A representative for Funny or Die told the Daily Beast newspaper: “Funny or Die absolutely disgusted this video and would never have produced such content. , was not involved in the conceptualization, development, funding or production of this video.It was uploaded to the site as user-generated content and was removed shortly after becoming aware of its existence in 2018.”

In a statement to Page Six, Spears’ attorney Debra Opri said, “He is not going to give in to any shakedown.”

Haddish’s attorney, Andrew Brettler, countered that the lawsuit was an extortion attempt.

“Plaintiff’s mother, Triza Morris, has been trying to make these bogus claims against Ms. Haddish for several years,” he told Page Six.

“All the attorneys who initially handled her case, and some, eventually dropped the case when it became clear that the allegations were nonsensical and that Ms. Haddish would not be shaken,” Brettler said. continued Mr.

Spear of Aries
The brothers allege that the comedian’s alleged abuse caused social turmoil that left them debilitating.
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“Morris now has an adult daughter to represent herself in this lawsuit. Together they will face the consequences of pursuing this frivolous behavior.”

Both brothers claim to have developed a debilitating social disorder.

The brothers also say their mother tried to reach a $15,000 settlement over alleged sexual abuse videos with Spears. They are suing Haddish and Spears for damages.


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