These bikes will be available in September, including the Pulsar N150, Ultraviolet F77 and more.

Upcoming Bikes: The company was set to release a number of new products in August 2022, but September also looks very special, with six launches planned. Here is a brief introduction to the products sold in stores this month.

Upcoming Bike: Bajaj Pulsar N150

Expected price: Rs 1.05 lakh (ex showroom)

The Pulsar N150 has undergone extensive testing by Bajaj and the bike is due to be introduced this month. We also know it will come in two different configurations, as one with rear drum brakes and single-channel ABS was recently spotted. .

That being said, the N150 can deliver about the same amount of power and torque as the current tech model, with the same fuel efficiency. Now you know everything you need to know about the impending Pulsar.

Upcoming Bikes: Ultra Violet F77

Expected price: Rs 3 lakh (ex showroom)

There are some electric bikes in the Indian EV segment for commuters, but nothing really sporty. With his new F77, Bangalore-based Ultraviolette wants to change this. A prototype model came out in his 2019, but the Ultraviolette team has since refined the bike to give it a sleeker look.

With performance comparable to 250cc motorcycles, it is undoubtedly India’s sportiest e-bike. In addition, it has a range of 200km, fast charging and replaceable battery functions. The company says check rides will arrive in September and deliveries will begin in October.

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Upcoming Bike: Hero XPulse 200T 4V

Expected price: Rs 1.30 lakh (ex showroom)

Hero hopes a new 4V avatar discovered last month will change the Hero XPulse 200T’s reputation as the XPulse 200’s less popular sibling. Similar to the current model in most respects, but with some visual changes.

It has a walkable fork and a slightly retro-styled flyscreen. More importantly, though, the bike could be powered by his four-valve engine, the same as its off-road sister. The fundamentals may stay the same, but the current model is a little stiffer, so I really hope the Hero tweaks the suspension.

Future Bikes: Hop Oxo

Expected price: Rs 1.20 lakh (ex showroom)

Coming out this week, the Hop Oxo is another gadget that “hops” on the electric bandwagon. It seems that they are aiming for Torque Kratos with a span of 150km and a speed of 100km/h. Now you have all the information you need about the electric bike of the future.

new kawasaki bikes

Kawasaki sent out a ‘block the date’ invitation for Sept. 25, saying it was unlike any other previously purchased in India. So it makes sense that Kawasaki is releasing a kid’s vintage bike this month.

Kawasaki already offers a Ninja 400 in the region, so the Z400 would be the perfect bike to compete with the KTM 390 Duke, but we can’t confirm if it will definitely be the W175, so another danger. may be very likely. Launch of the Z400.

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