The Yankees continue their slump after suffering an embarrassing 9-0 shutout loss to the Rays.

Sometimes the score tells us everything we need to know about how the team is currently playing. To get their ass kicked by the club, they chose hell time…where the Yankees were worst team in the American League. The Yankees lost him 9-0, technically he was close to 7, but in reality it wasn’t.

All the usual suspects for this terrible skid were there. It was the sixth time the Yankees lineup had been shut out since the beginning of August, with runners stranded and looking listless. The defense made some bad mistakes, with Josh Donaldson playing Public Enemy No. 1 this time, and his two errors leading to the Rays’ first run. The starting pitcher did a decent job. The score was 3-0 at the start of the eighth before the floodgates opened. Combined, it’s been an all-too-familiar recipe for disaster that Yankees fans in 2022 have been force-fed for nearly the entirety of the second half.

Digging into this mess is like picking up a rock you just squashed a cockroach on and examining the bottom, so I’ll end my summary here. But this Yankees his team doesn’t play like they deserve the headspace of the fans, so they do their best while keeping it relatively brief.

Starting with the positives, Domingo German, like most of August, simply got back to work. Through the sixth inning, he kept the Rays’ offense at bay, allowing one run on five hits and getting out of trouble several times in the process. One run could not be blamed on him, as the second error came shortly after Donaldson’s error in the fourth (preceded by an excellent relay with Oswald Cabrera throwing a runner at home). ).

However, Cabrera’s heroism couldn’t quite keep the zeros. David Peralta singled with a run to put Tampa on top. The Yankees offense is such a joke these days that the Rays could have stopped there and won, but they didn’t. He returned to the mound seven fewer pitches, as Gelman did last week in Oakland, but after a one-out walk to Isaac Paredes, Tampa delivered a devastating two-run homer by Christian Besancourt. Gave. Make it 3-0.

The Yankees in the first half are rarely intimidated by a late 3-0 deficit, but they are a thing of the past. In the second half, the Yankees played like they’d never said a prayer to Rays starter Jeffrey Springs. Oh, they got some on base, but they never scored. New York had runners in scoring position with his 7-0 record. Given the team’s recent play, only the most optimistic fans would have had hopes for the place. Check out these highlights:

  • Completely Missing Donaldson Calls Strike, Ends First Strike With Two
  • Andrew Benintendi said,pop” I felt numbness in my wrists and had to walk away* while at bat.Cabrera pops out as a pinch-hit, and sluggish Giancarlo Stanton strikes out
  • Isiah Kiner-Falefa couldn’t advance after hitting a rare double to lead in the fifth
  • IKF pays back for being stuck by hitting ground balls with runners on first and second innings

* Benintendi’s x-ray negativeBut I have an MRI tomorrow. The prospect of losing an outfielder who’s been batting about league-average since coming from Kansas City shouldn’t be daunting, but it certainly feels that way for the Yankees in 2022.

The Yankees never put another player in scoring position after that. The lineup is just a nightmare in the worst sense.

In the eighth, the Rays beat out Greg Weissart and Anthony Banda to turn this into a laugh. Weissart allowed Yu Chang’s topper in the back of the mound a normal hit, two for him and one for a gift. Chan hit the infield and Weissart made the Yankees’ third error of the night to make him 5-0. It made for a comically bad outing from Vanda, the worst pitcher on the roster. Banda had three walks (including two with the bases loaded) while giving up two singles and a hit batter.

By the time the dust settled, the Rays were 9-0, the Rays had cut the AL East lead to just five games, and manager Aaron Boone was upset with his team’s results after the game.

With all that said, the top rookie prospect called yesterday should have started rather than sat on the bench until Punk’s ninth inning with two outs! Striking out to end the farce, he never got the exciting moment of his MLB debut. pathetic guy.

The Yankees and Rays reunite tomorrow night at Trop, with Clark Schmidt seeking redemption from last Sunday’s ugly return to the rotation in Oakland. He will face Corey Kluber and his former teammate’s first pitch at 6:10 p.m. ET. Will Peraza really start this time? Do you know! ! !

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