The F-150 Lightning continues to make a big impact on Ford’s EV sales

The Ford F-150 Lightning helped the automaker’s EV sales soar more than 300% year-over-year in August. The F-150 Lightning was the best-selling electric truck in the U.S. in August, helping Ford’s EV sales grow four times faster than his other sectors.

Ford sold 5,897 electric units in August, a 307.3% increase in total sales compared to the same month last year. With 2,373 units sold, the F-150 Lightning marked the highest number of months sold since its launch.

Ford’s electric vehicle numbers were low throughout 2021 because the automaker only had the Mustang Mach E to offer customers. Now that the company’s lineup is expanding, Ford’s EV ceiling is getting higher, especially with an electric version of his truck, the best-selling pickup in the United States.

Key Highlights: Ford – August 2022

  • Ford’s EV sales quadrupled a year ago
    • Growth was driven by the Mustang Mach E, which received 7,800 retail orders in August alone.
    • The Mustang Mach-E sold 3,120 units in August, up 115.5% from last year. Ford has so far sold just under 26,000 Mustangs of his Mach E in 2022.
    • The F-150 Lightning provided Ford with a new product for its customers. We have to wonder if an electric sedan could be on the horizon to fill the only obvious void in the EV plan.
  • F-150 Lightning doesn’t last very long in dealer lots
    • The all-electric pickup has a turnaround time of just eight days. This beats his 10 on the Bronco and his 11 on the Maverick pickup. If you need the F-150 Lightning, you’d better act fast
  • E-Transit sales continue to be a big advantage for Ford
    • E-Transit continues to be the most popular choice for electric van buyers, with over 90% of the total market share. More than 60% of E-Transit orders are in medium or low roof configurations, which is “important for urban delivery vans that need to move between parking lots.”
  • Ford BlueCruise has more than 75,000 registered customers, up 13% from the previous month. To date he has driven over 16 million hands-free miles.

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The F-150 Lightning continues to make a big impact on Ford’s EV sales

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