The 10 best girl characters in Ravenclaw

There are many crossovers when it comes to “geek” culture. Anime fans are likely as obsessed with superheroes, magic, and fantasy as any other fan.when it comes to Harry potteris one of the largest franchises in the world and has almost everyone, including anime fans, obsessed.

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That obsession necessitates categorizing everyone into Hogwarts House, including anime fan favorite characters. When it comes to girl geniuses, a Ravenclaw-like house about creativity, intelligence, and wit is a better fit.

Ten Hatori is as modest as people think (Fruit Basket)

Hatori Soma from Fruit basket A modest and incredibly smart man. He is the primary care doctor for the Soma family, and a place to show off his skills as a doctor. He may seem callous and smug, but he has the wit of Ravenclaw.

He often delivers the best punchlines when hanging out with Shigure and Ayame. His ability to observe his environment and the people around him makes him incredibly smart. It was a great benefit for Tohru whenever he needed his advice.

9 Kyoya does club activities together (Ouran High School Host Club)

As co-founder and vice president of Ouran high school host clubKyoya has a lot of responsibility on his plate, especially since he has to make up for the mistakes of his less intelligent clubmates. The most prominent traits are intelligence, confidence and resourcefulness.

Although he looks cold-hearted, he is also a master of sarcasm. While the rest of the club struggle to find a solution to the problem, he easily solves any problem by finding an obvious solution.

8 Yun Is Self Taught

Yoon is the first person to join Yona and Hak in their journey. Yona of the Dawn And he’s proven to be an invaluable teammate. It’s tough to be a doctor in the modern world, but as a self-taught healer, it’s clear that Yoon is incredibly smart.

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He tends to blame himself for not being as strong as his friends, but for being just like the characters. Harry potter, Yun doesn’t have to be a Gryffindor to be brave. He even protects Yona when they are both captured by pirates and uses his intelligence to keep them safe.

7 Shirayuki thinks and acts (Snow White with the Red Hair)

Most of the anime fans immediately liked Shirayuki snow white with red hair would be Gryffindor. She is brave, protective and she stands up for what she believes in. But she’s also incredibly smart and creative.

As a pharmacist, she can recognize any plant almost instantly and knows most medicine recipes off the top of her head. Even in her bravest moments, she considers her options first. This is an unusual trait for the more instinctive Gryffindor, and while she may not fit perfectly into her home, the same is true for most people.

6 Sophia loves to read (Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Destiny!)

Sophia from My Next Life as a Villainess A quiet girl who loves books. She has been ostracized for her odd appearance and spends most of her time reading in solitude.

Despite her difficulties, she is kind and helpful to those who have earned her trust. Sophia is also incredibly smart for her age, and when Katarina is in trouble, she can rely on Sophia.

Five Ami is the Brain of the Team (Sailor Moon)

Ami was a shy girl before she became Sailor Mercury. sailor moonbut her new title certainly doesn’t stop her love of books and learning.

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Her intelligence also proves to be of great help to the Sailor Scouts when they are in trouble. Ami knows how to think through her problems and often offers her emotional support to Usagi, whose stress of the situation tends to negatively affect her.

Four Kakeru shows the bad side of Ravenclaw (Orange)

orange Kakeru is a Ravenclaw surrounded by Gryffindor. Although he is quiet and reserved at first, Kakeru finds it easier to express himself when he is drawn into his group of friends, unfortunately Kakeru overthinks and causes many emotional problems.

Questioning and blaming himself for the reason for his mother’s death is why he feels depressed and lonely. Luckily, his friends are able to prevent Kakeru from hurting himself, but he’s definitely an example of how his intelligence and thoughtfulness can backfire in Ravenclaw.

3 Tomoyo is a technical genius (Cardcaptor Sakura)

If Tomoyo didn’t help, Sakura would have had a harder time. Card Captor SakuraAs her best friend, Tomoyo often offers emotional support to Sakura when she needs it, but has also designed some amazing gadgets for Sakura to use.

Tomoyo may have acquired a lot of amazing technology thanks to her family’s toy company, but it’s her intellect that makes gadgets work. But her intelligence isn’t her only strength. Many of her Sakura costumes were designed by Tomoyo, also showing that she is a creative Ravenclaw.

2 Ryuichi is responsible for his age (school babysitter)

Ryuichi from school babysitter Despite having lost his parents, he is incredibly kind and easy-going. He’s not a genius like his other Ravenclaws, but he’s responsible and perfect for the babysitter role.

He also doesn’t let his job as a school babysitter distract him from his other responsibilities. His older brother and other children miss him while he’s gone, but even they understand that he has to take responsibility.

1 Haruhi is the Ironic Queen (Ouran High School Host Club)

Haruhi is another Ravenclaw with Gryffindor energy. Her courage is just part of her personality.

Her wit and intelligence shine through when she interacts with the other members of the host club. Ouran high school host club It’s so funny, and it’s thanks to her perfect grades that she got into such a prestigious school in the first place.

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