Terrorist suspect held bombing trial in Shivamoga, had bigger plans, police chief says

Shivamogga Metropolitan Police BM Laxmi Prasad said the defendant obtained information about bomb-making after watching ISIS videos.

Shivamogga Metropolitan Police BM Laxmi Prasad said the defendant obtained information about bomb-making after watching ISIS videos.

Young people arrested on suspicion of ties to the banned organization ISIS carried out a test explosion on the banks of the Tunga River in Shivamoga, said Shivamoga Police Superintendent BM Lakshmi Prasad.

Addressing journalists in Shivamoga on September 23, a police officer said the accused had built the bomb using locally available materials. They learned to make bombs by studying material shared by ISIS in their messenger application channels. “The defendants profess the ideology of the Islamic State. They believed that India had only gained independence from Britain. But true independence would only come after establishing a caliphate and enforcing Shari’a law.” It will be achieved,” said the officer.

During the investigation, police located a trial explosion and picked up debris from the site. “The wreckage was recovered with the help of the FSL team. We found sulfur and phosphorus that acted as detonators. The material will undergo chemical analysis,” he said.

Shivamoga police arrested Syed Yasin of Shivamoga and Maz Muneer Ahmed of Mangalulu on September 19 on charges of having links to ISIS. They are in police custody. Another suspect, Sharik, is on the run, but his car has been seized.

Officers said the accused were members of the ISIS channel Al Hayat, which operates on the messenger application Telegram. So far, we have no information about direct links to banned organizations,” he said.

Having taken an electrical engineering course, Yashin had knowledge of relay circuits. He sourced his gadgets online in his store and locally sourced materials such as batteries and wires. “They experimentally performed low-intensity blasts with a three-foot radius. They planned to conduct multiple such trials before making larger plans. , wanted to attack the disbelievers (Kaffir) through jihad.We caught them before they could go ahead with their plans,” said the officer.

Officers said Sharik, accused of disgusting graffiti incidents reported in Mangallu in 2020, radicalized Saeed Yassin and Mounir Ahmed and introduced them to ISIS. , shortly after the clashes in Shivamoga on August 15. Zabiura, who has been charged with a stabbing incident, was also radicalized by Sharik,” he said.

Syed Yasin and Muneer Ahmed have known each other since their PU days. They traveled to Mangallu at that time and were in contact with Sharik. “We are also investigating financial transactions between them. So far, we have learned that the financial exchange between them is through cryptocurrencies,” he said. I was.

Police searched 11 locations, including the defendant’s residence, the residences of his relatives, and several public places. The investigation team seized 14 mobile phones, 1 dongle, 2 laptops, 1 pen drive and several other electronic devices.

Officers said the accused also burned the national flag at the site of the test blast. “They burned the flag and videotaped the act. I found the video clip,” he said.


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