Tech-savvy kids help grandma and grandpa with gadget glitches

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Older retirees can’t call the IT department when their cell phone fails or their computer randomly shuts down. Instead, children and grandchildren often step in and help with the ever-updating technology.

New research shows that creating quiet moments for this knowledge transfer is important and that older people tend to cherish and benefit from.

Carolina Martinez, Senior Lecturer in Child and Youth Studies at the University of Malmö, Sweden, interviewed young people aged 70 to 94 about their success factors and barriers to learning about digital media from younger generations.

“This research shows that children and grandchildren play an important role in helping older adults develop their digital skills. It’s interesting to see if you have a

“It was impressive how active the seniors I interviewed were in bringing learning moments to life. He told us that he had planned to ask carefully about what he would do. He thought it would be natural to talk about it then and at the same time spend some quiet time together.

Older generations know their children and grandchildren have many other obligations, but they choose to care for them rather than prioritize their own needs, says Martinez. increase.

Important to maintain independence It is important for older adults who want to learn to have the opportunity to try things for themselves.

“If you don’t participate, you don’t get the chance to learn. That’s the basic principle of all learning.

“The greatest opportunity for learning is when communication works well—when there is a relaxed atmosphere and when children and grandchildren calmly demonstrate step by step, possibly following up with clear notes. , it is important to make it manageable.”

The fact that older people often live in their own homes and are far from younger families is another obstacle to learning. It’s also possible that you don’t know the particular phone you have.

“There’s a big difference between asking for help and learning. Getting help to fix something shouldn’t be underestimated, but helping learning is another.”

She believes the older generation lacks a natural place to learn about digital media.

“Kids have a whole system with school when it comes to learning, and many working adults can call the IT department when something goes wrong. Pensioners don’t have a system around them.Of course there are courses, but they are not in the right structure.There is no one.Society has a responsibility to learn from digital media.”

Older people are bad at learning to help themselves, but equally good at learning to help others

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