Asteroids today: Dangerous asteroid hurtling toward Earth, NASA says

Space agency NASA issued another warning today about an asteroid hurtling toward Earth. Does it pose a threat to Earth? September is a month full of asteroid flybys, with about 30 asteroids passing by Earth and also coming uncomfortably close. , making it one of the most frequent asteroid flyby periods this month. NASA’s Office … Read more

Three dangerous asteroids are heading toward Earth today, NASA warns.The largest is a 390ft monster

Three giant asteroids, namely 2005 RX3, 2022 QB37, and 2022 SB, are moving toward Earth today. One is a building-sized 390-foot monster, while the other is an airplane-sized 180-foot monster. are they dangerous? Find it here. Sunday, September 18th is going to be a very dangerous day for the planet! Want to know why? Three … Read more

Congress Seeks More Information About Blue Origin Rocket Crash Investigation

The New Shepard launches a rocket just moments before the booster anomaly. screenshot: blue origin A House Science Committee leader has asked the FAA to disclose details as it investigates recent incidents involving the failed launch of an unmanned Blue Origin New Shepard rocket. The House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology appears to have … Read more

NASA’s moon rocket launch aborted due to fuel leak, next attempt may be weeks away

NASA‘s New Moon rocket suffered another dangerous fuel leak on Saturday, forcing launch controllers to abort a second attempt this week to send a crew capsule into lunar orbit with a test dummy. First flights are off for weeks, if not months. Monday’s previous attempt to launch the most powerful 322-foot (98-meter) Space Launch System … Read more