I have $950,000 invested in a large financial company, and they charge $1,100 a month in administration fees. Is this reasonable?

Is Your Financial Planner Overcharging You? Getty Images/iStockphoto question: I am currently a customer of a large bank through which I have about $950,000 invested in the market. I am charged over $1,100.00 monthly in administration fees. Is this a reasonable amount? answer: A monthly fee of $1,100 for a $950,000 managed portfolio equates to … Read more

I’m 65, semi-retired, and have raised $1.8 million in “lots of risky small caps,” tech stocks, and a few ETFs. I also have 20% in cash. am i doing it right? Need Advisor Help?

How to find the right financial advisor for you. Getty Images question: I’ve always sought advice, but I’ve always been a self-oriented investor. I tend to favor a lot of risky small caps, in addition to the core of Google, Amazon and Apple, plus a few ETFs. We are making good progress. It owns approximately … Read more

“I want to stop the shrinking.” I’m 66 and my Social Security checks only cost about $1,000 a month. My only savings are 401(k)s that are “now shrinking weekly”. Should I seek professional help?

Need a financial advisor? Getty Images/iStockphoto question: I am trying to determine if seeking a financial advisor is justified for a 66 year old with only 401(k) savings and now shrinking weekly.My husband is retired Being a teacher, he has a pension, but he didn’t pay Social Security for most of his years of service. … Read more