What does an inverted yield curve mean for portfolios?

Mosa Images | E+ | Getty Images Treasury bonds may signal a market slump as investors digest another 0.75 percentage point rate hike by the Federal Reserve. Ahead of the news from the Fed, policy-sensitive 2-year Treasury yields climbed to 4.006% on Wednesday, the highest level since October 2007, while the benchmark 10-year Treasury hit … Read more

Focus on US Treasury Yields Ahead of Fed Meeting

Short-term US Treasury yields continued to rise on Thursday as investors considered the prospect of a bigger rate hike by the Federal Reserve next week. Bond yields fell slightly but continued to rise on the back of new economic data releases. That included better-than-expected retail sales and weekly unemployment claims, suggesting that consumers may be … Read more

Focus on government bond yields after rising inflation rate

US Treasury yields continued higher on Wednesday as investors digested the dramatic market route of the previous session caused by rising inflation. Yields on 2-year US Treasuries, the part of the curve most sensitive to Federal Reserve policy, traded one basis point higher around 5 a.m. ET, reaching 3.773% and a one-time high of 3.805. … Read more

Bond Yields Fall on News of Falling Inflation Expectations

The New York Fed’s Consumer Expectations Survey showed in August that Americans expected inflation to be 5.7% one year ahead. This is his lowest since October 2021, down from his 6.2% in July. On the data side, investors will be watching the release of US y/y and core inflation, as well as monthly inflation for … Read more