Ranking All College Football Teams Since Week 3: Washington Comes Back

How much difference will one year make in Seattle? At this point a year ago, Washington lost 1-2 to FCS Montana and Michigan, with the Huskies scoring a combined 17 points. On Saturday, the Huskies scored 39 points in a commanding win against a team from Michigan, where he ranked 11th in the AP polls. … Read more

Mandel’s final thoughts: Leipold brings Kansas to life. How high are the Jayhawks’ ceilings?

And now, 20 final thoughts from Week 3, which began Friday night and threatens to bleed into an early NFL game on Sunday thanks to Iowa weather. 1. This column will no doubt be filled with thoughts about Georgia, Alabama, Ohio, and their blue-blooded friends later this season. But this week, we have to call … Read more

Ranking of all college football teams since Week 2: Kentucky and Arkansas in top 10

There’s nothing wrong with overcorrecting college football rankings early in the season. Over the two weeks of football there have been many upsets and surprising results. Last Saturday, three top 10 teams lost to teams outside the Power 5 conference. Alabama nearly lost to Texas and their backup quarterback. We don’t know what to expect … Read more

Ranking of all college football teams from #1 Georgia to #131 Charlotte since week 1

The first few weeks of college football rankings are always the toughest. I don’t want to get too close to preseason rankings that are just educated guesses. With more information coming in each week, the rankings are generally at least easier to break down. These rankings are intended to highlight what teams have achieved. So … Read more

Expanding the College Football Playoffs — Answering the Biggest Questions

6:30 PM ET ESPN staff Tired of waiting for the commissioner to make a decision about expanding the college football playoffs, the 11 presidents and presidents who make up the CFP’s governing board announced on Friday a plan to expand the field to 12 teams in 2026. took the initiative in a unanimous vote. The … Read more

ACC commissioner says conference is on good track but football’s good start is ‘important’

4:58 PM ET Andrea Adelson near ESPN Senior Writer AC Reporter. Joined in 2010. Graduated from the University of Florida. David M. Hale near ESPN Staff Writer AC Reporter. Joined ESPN in 2012. Graduated from the University of Delaware. After an offseason filled with questions about the future of the Atlantic Coast Conference, commissioner … Read more