World’s largest four-day work week experiment shows success

The four-day workweek is a legend of work restructuring that could be a promising way to boost corporate profits and worker morale.image: curl coat (Getty Images) The five-day workweek has long been a staple of the global workforce. 4 days a week It was launched in the UK three months ago and has already shown … Read more

Fisker hits major milestone in journey to affordable EVs for everyone

Tesla on the other hand (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk has no plans to produce a low-cost all-electric vehicle, one of the company’s chief executives confirmed Tuesday. Fisker on the other side (FSR) is a start-up EV maker run by electric vehicle veteran Henrik Fisker, which unveiled its first Fisker Ocean at Magna International on Tuesday. … Read more

General Motors rejoins the race to beat Tesla

A typical internal combustion engine has about 200 parts that require maintenance and need to be replaced when worn. Electric cars reduce that number to about 20. Add to that the fact that EVs have no direct carbon footprint and are generally quicker and more responsive than conventional gasoline vehicles, and the fact that we … Read more