NYC nightlife guys raise membership fees in battle with A-listers

Velvet ropes and sturdy bouncers are giving way to increasingly expensive membership fees as Big Apple nightclubs vie for exclusivity and celebrity guests. Richie Akiva, who made a name for herself by launching chic eatery Butter in 2002 and celebrity mecca 1OAK in 2007, is responsible for curating, running, and ultimately expanding the recently opened … Read more

New York City woman stole nearly $300,000 in bogus investment scheme: Federal Reserve

A Manhattan woman was arrested Thursday in a scheme to siphon about $300,000 from dozens of investors and use the cash to finance her luxurious lifestyle, the Fed said. Leikenya Hopkins, 44, said investing in herself in people of color would bring her wealth across generations, and she used the money to rent fancy apartments … Read more

Bedbath & Beyond’s Gustavo Arnal was overwhelmed before committing suicide

Gustavo Arnal, CFO of Bed Bath & Beyond, was so stressed by working 18 hours a day that he considered taking time off weeks before he committed suicide, a new report says. The late executive was also upset about the impact of a $1.4 million equity sale in mid-August, which had pre-planned the sale and … Read more

How a colorful poster of brothers in their 80s went viral

NEW YORK (AP) — For years, Miguel and Carlos Ceballos painted posters for neighborhood nightclubs, taco trucks and Queens restaurants, painted corporate basements and tables, and attracted customers by word of mouth. made a living. Until an Instagram account changed that a lot. Now, hip Brooklyn ice cream shops and Manhattan retro diners queue up … Read more