– A new wireless device that tracks a patient’s Parkinson’s progression

September 23, 2022 Parkinson’s disease is the fastest growing neurological disease, currently affecting more than 10 million people worldwide, yet clinicians still face significant challenges in tracking its severity. A home device has now been developed that can assess the progression of the condition between clinic visits. Image: N. Fuller, SayoStudio Clinicians typically assess patients … Read more

European oil giants warn windfall tax could backfire

Alex Kimani – September 15, 2022, 12:00 PM CDT OMV CEO Alfred Stern has warned that the EU’s planned windfall tax could have a major impact on energy companies’ earnings. “We’ll be watching it because it could already have a big impact,” Stern told journalists. Brussels wants to scoop up revenues from low-cost … Read more

Ray Dalio says watch out for rates reaching this level as Wall Street stocks take a 20% hit

After the CPI shock earlier this week, Wall Street is gearing up for a string of data, including Thursday’s retail sales, that deepened the yield curve inversion between 2- and 10-year Treasuries, signaling the darkest economic signal ever. is emitting. There is good news, though, as a disastrous rail strike could be averted. No one … Read more

JP Morgan’s super bull that called the summer rally is ahead of a soft landing. Here’s his advice on stocks and oil:

A five-game winning streak was knocked off the table after August’s CPI numbers surprised upwards. And it looks like nothing will shake the Fed from this month’s 75 basis point rate hike. Still, the chart of the day below is good news for investors when the CPI seems to be peaking. above us today’s callJP … Read more

EU Ministers Call for 10% Reduction in Energy Consumption

Julianne Geiger – Sep 9 2022, 16:00 CDT The EU energy minister is calling for a 10% reduction in electricity consumption. According to the WSJ, the electricity distribution plan appears to be supported by many member states. Today’s emergency meeting is just the latest in many efforts by the EU to quell economic … Read more

EU nations split on von der Leyen’s idea of ​​energy crisis – POLITICO

The European Commission caught member state governments off guard on Wednesday with five ideas for tackling the energy emergency, and member states’ reactions were divided, six diplomats told POLITICO. That will likely give room for maneuver, with Commission President Ursula von der Leyen ahead of next week’s European Union speech, an EU-wide plan to control … Read more

Europe’s energy prices skyrocket, threatens political instability and economic disaster – Will Lind

Energy prices in Europe are skyrocketing, with prices rising 10 times the average of the last 10 years. GraniteShares founder and CEO Will Rhind says this could lead to economic disaster and political unrest. Europe’s high energy prices were driven by Russia, which supplies 40% of the European Union’s gas needs, … Read more

Nvidia’s ‘China Syndrome’: Is the Stock Falling?

Like the nuclear reactor in the 1979 movie China Syndrome, NVIDIA’s stock and revenue forecasts are collapsing, and a ban on the sale of artificial intelligence chips to China is the latest to raise the temperature even further. NVIDIA NVDA, -7.67% The stock hit a new 52-week low on Thursday, falling 12% to close at … Read more