Syracuse Football Leads Louisville 17-7 in 3rd Quarter (Live Score, Updated)

Syracuse, NY — The Syracuse Football Team will face the Louisville Cardinals at 8:00 PM Saturday in their first sporting event at the newly named JMA Wireless Dome.

The match will be televised on the ACC network.

See in-game team and individual stats here.

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third quarter

Louisville Drive Starts: 7:23 Left in Quarter

Syracuse Drive Starts: 10:42 Quarters Remaining

Orange started the second half back on their own goal line, but moved the ball closer to midfield before punting.

Freshman Max von Marberg from Australia makes his second appearance for the evening.

Early in the first half, the Syracuse defense lost containment to Cunningham on 3rd down to start the second half.

Marlowe Wax came late into the backfield to contain Cunningham, and Okechukwu knocked him down to force a Louisville punt.

Halftime: Syracuse 17, Louisville 7

Sean Tucker’s injury situation was the highlight of the first half, but Syracuse otherwise looked good in the opening round.

Trapped Malik Cunningham to the ground, limiting big plays in the air.

A monster goal line stop by the defense marked a clear turning point in the first half after SU held a 10 stand lead.

Offensively, Garrett Schrader leads the new style of offense with 14-of-17 completed passes for 185 yards and one touchdown. He also covers 59 yards on the ground.

Tucker ended the game with a lower body injury in the second quarter. He rushed for 34 yards and a touchdown and added another 80 receiving yards, including a 55-yard catch-and-run for his first touchdown of the season.

Second quarter

Syracuse Drive starts at Louisville’s 46-yard line with 1:01 remaining.

Syracuse will retreat here at the end of the half.

Overall, a promising half by offense is quelled by Elmore and Tucker ending the game early.

On defense, a huge goal-line stop has maintained a 10-point halftime lead.

Louisville’s drive starts at its own 14-yard line with 1:54 remaining.

Big open field tackle by Rob Hannah.

Thompson is the third starter here to be out of the game due to injury in the first half.

Max Mann took over Chris Elmore’s role as lead blocker. Luquint Allen replaced Tucker. Derek McDonald is ready when Thompson is pulled off the field by support staff.

Louisville offensive lineman Lennart Brown was disqualified after being judged for targeting an illegal block.

Syracuse’s defense rises again to contain the Cardinals’ ground game. They punt with 1:13 left.

Trebor Pena returns a punt in midfield. Syracuse working at 1:01 before half-time.

Syracuse Drive starts on its own 4-yard line with 5:10 remaining.

Schrader found Gadsen on a short pass over the middle to get the chain going.

Schrader runs back over midfield to Jones, who breaks the tackle and exits near midfield.

Sean Tucker is down on the field at the 3:19 mark. oh boy.

Tucker is a little in bad taste, but leaves the field under his own power. Tucker walks cautiously down the sidelines, closely watched by the team and his doctor from behind. He just entered the medical tent.

Schroeder threw several shots at Luquint Allen. He stopped short of his marker on first down and SU’s drive stalled after Tucker left the game.

Syracuse, driving near midfield, were leading by 10 when Tucker was injured.

The Louisville drive starts with 10:13 left.

Louisville crosses midfield with Jordan’s 12-yard rush.

Scott Satterfield then opens a bag of tricks and Braden Smith takes the pitch and passes it downfield to Tyler Hudson. His catch-and-run puts the ball inside his five-yard line.

SU’s defense stands up greatly at the goal line. A stop by Marlowe Wax on an optional keeper by Cunningham preceded a false start penalty that pushed the ball back to the 7-yard line. Now Louisville will discuss it.

Cunningham threw it on second down, regained six yards on a third-down run, and set up the fourth goal. Crowd noise forces the Cardinals here to take another timeout at the 5:16 mark.

A big play is coming.

SU defense closes the door. Stefon Thompson and Marlowe Wax bottle Cunningham.

Scores: Syracuse 17, Louisville 7.10:25 left in Q2

Schrader came out in the second quarter and threw a deep ball to Isaiah Jones.

Schrader more than made up for it, picking up 33 yards on the ground and adding a 15-yard completion for Cooper to set up a 4-yard touchdown run by Tucker.

Schrader is 10-for-12 for 144 yards and a touchdown. He added his team-high 58 yards on the ground.

Tucker, who scored both orange touchdowns, has over 100 general-purpose yardage, thanks in part to a 55-yard catch-and-run.

first quarter

End of Q1: Syracuse 10, Louisville 7

Syracuse Drive starts at 1:10.

Schrader gets 9 yards on the first play of the drive. His helmet came off again on the next play, and Dell’s Rio-Wilson would have to re-enter on his 1st down of another third. He gives it to Tucker and keeps the drive alive.

Schrader in the first quarter: 7-for-8, 125 yards, a touchdown to Tucker. I lost my helmet twice.

Scores: Syracuse 10, Louisville 7.There are 1:10 left in the quarter

The Louisville drive starts at 4:54.

Lockett and Steve Linton on the field for Orange’s second defensive series.

Cunningham finds tight end Marshon Ford flat and falls forward for a first down at 3rd-and-short.

With a clean pocket, Cunningham gives Tyler Hudson a strike on SU’s 40-yard line on an 18-yard completion.

Tiyon Evans goes free for a 36-yard touchdown run and Alijah Clark is flagged for a horse collar tackle.

Score: Syracuse 10, Louisville 0.5:01 left in the quarter

Syracuse drive start: 6:47

Some fake Syracuse start here with an offensive line. His 23-yard catch for Devaugn Cooper is good for a first down. Schrader would go back to Cooper on the next play, and Tucker would be chopped up for a 5-yard gain, but another first down.

Chris Elmore was being checked on by Barbers, strength coach Sean Edinger and training staff after the game. Elmore, one of his captains on the team, leaves the field aided by his support staff.

On the next play, Tucker breaks loose to get away from a 55-yard catch and Schrader.

Louisville Drive Start: 9:41: Malik Cunningham’s first look at the SU defense.

Kevon Durton starts on defensive tackle, flanked by Caleb Okechukwu and Jatius Gere. Terry Rocket is dressed on the sidelines.

After an early first down, Geer puts pressure on Cunningham. Cunningham throws it away.

3rd and 6th become 3rd and 11th and the defense comes to a halt due to a critical false start penalty in Louisville. Louisville punts.

Score: Syracuse 3, Louisville 0.There are 9:46 left in the quarter

Syracuse moves the ball effectively in the first series, followed by a bit of bad luck in the red zone.

Quarterback Garrett Schrader scrambled off his helmet and was out of the game after one play.

It was a big one: 3rd and 14th.

Backup Carlos Del Rio Wilson threw it out to Sean Tucker, who was stopped well short of a first down.

Andre Szmyt’s 31-yard field goal attempt is excellent.

Early in the drive, Garrett Schrader hit Courtney Jackson with a comeback and picked up the first down early in the drive. Schrader then scrambles his 40 yards in Louisville to keep the chain moving.

Schrader wins prize money for completing Oronde Gadsden. Schrader flies 25 yards on the opening drive, where he goes 2-for-2.

Schrader’s swing pass to Tucker comes close to another first down as the orange is inside the Cardinals’ 20-yard line.

At 3 and 4, Louisville is flagged for offside.

Louisville won the coin toss and carried over into the second half. Syracuse gets the ball first.

Eric Corey wears number 18 on special teams. Trebor Pena went deep back to orange.


update: Syracuse are on the field for a warmup. Wide receivers Isaiah Jones and Anthony Quealy are both off the route. Both players missed time in camp as a result of injuries.

Safety Jason Simmons Jr. and Aman Greenwood will not be playing tonight. Neither are dressed for the game. Simmons is still recovering from an injury that sidelined him during camp.

Quarterback Justin Lamson (lower leg), defensive back Cornell Perry, and defensive lineman Josh Huff are also undressed.

Mike Schmidt works primarily with two groups to train offensive linemen during the program.

First team O-line: Matt Bergeron, Karan Ellis, Carlos Vettorello, Chris Blaich and Dakota Davis.

Second Group: Enrique Cruz, Jacob Bradford, Josh Iraor, Joe Cruz, Mark Petri.

Tonight, Nate Mink guides us through Syracuse Football’s season opener against Louisville.

This was the Cardinals’ first true road opener since 2005 (!) and their first visit to the building since the 2018 season.

Since both joined the ACC, recent matchups in this series have been one-sided margins, with Louisville dominating the win-loss record.

Syracuse thinks this year will be different. For one thing, it’s September, not November, when Orange is usually shorthanded due to injury.

Both programs have undergone coaching changes and are led by new offensive coordinators. Lance Taylor came from the University of Notre Dame. He has a front-line group that attacks people in the run game and a dynamic dual-threat quarterback in Malik Cunningham. This will be a challenge to SU’s green defensive front.

Orange counters with Virginia transplants Robert Anae and Jason Beck to bring in the Air Raid offense and fix SU’s passing game.

Former Syracuse running back Jawer Jordan is listed as the Cardinals’ top kick and punt returner. The speedy back is also listed as his second tailback on the team behind Tennessee transfer Tyyon his Evans.

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