Sylvester Stallone, Jennifer Flavin decided to try again: source

Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin reconcile.

On Friday, PEOPLE confirmed that Flavin, 54, and Stallone, 76, have reconciled after 25 years of marriage, a month after filing for divorce on Aug. 19. Filed at the time. In the papers, Flavin alleged that the actor was “involved in the intentional dissipation, depletion and/or waste of the marital assets that had a negative financial impact on the marital fortune,” which he denied. .

A source told PEOPLE about their decision:

Additionally, Stallone’s rep told Page Six on Friday that the couple, who share three adult daughters, “decided to meet at their home, where they could talk and work out their differences.” A rep added that they were “very happy with both.”

Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin.
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Last month, a source told PEOPLE about some of the differences the couple encountered in their marriage.

The two are “very different in age and temperament,” said a Hollywood insider who has spent time with them. “What was once exciting and challenging is now routine and frustrating.”

Flavin’s source added, “He tends to do things on a whim without asking her beforehand.” Stallone previously told TMZ that he and Flavin butted heads about his new pet Rottweiler. but denied that the dog was the root cause of their breakup.

Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin.
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A Hollywood source told PEOPLE, “After years of being together, disagreements pile up over little things,” while another source told PEOPLE, “It’s one issue that she filed for divorce.” Not only that, they’ve had a lot of problems over the years and she’s had enough.”

News of their settlement came just days after it was filed in court in Palm Beach County, Florida, with both Flavin and Stallone saying, “It is important to each individually and more importantly that we settle all the issues that come with the breakup.” “We have agreed that it is in our collective best interest as a family to do so.” ”

After filing for divorce last month, Flavin told PEOPLE: It’s a 30-year relationship we’ve shared, and I know we are committed to our beautiful daughters.

Meanwhile, Stallone said in a statement at the time, “I love my family. We are amicably and personally addressing these personal matters.”

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