Surging Mariners patiently dismantle Guardians 4-0

Action is exciting. It’s marketable. It pumps blood. Above all, nostalgic. We all vividly remember an important and exciting moment in Mariners history. I mean, just have to say “double” and you guys know exactly what I’m talking about.

But I would argue that there are tremendous virtues in the quiet and meditative.In our busy, overworked and over-connected modern life, we rely on quiet nights to recharge. Star Trek The episodes are courtroom dramas or moral dramas with little action. I read a book and drink tea for 30 minutes before going to bed. It may be boring, but I find great joy in my quiet private time.

That’s why we enjoyed tonight’s boring game.The hosts of FOX Sports desperately tried to make this game exciting, but it just wasn’t. But it was a perfect example of solid basic baseball and the radical demolition of a division-leading team.

As Mariners fans, I think we’re still getting used to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis team beating a good team. But it didn’t have to wait long to be remembered as Ty hit this shot over the huge wall of his field on the left to give M his 1-0 lead.

Of course, that lead didn’t go away thanks to a shutout, but to really keep the game quiet, you have to take insurance. We all looked ready for another laugh when it came to the plates. But he popped out on the first pitch. Haniger was able to make up for it by walking four pitches and driving Cal home. Eugenio followed with a 99 mph liner that was unfortunately swallowed by Jose Ramirez.

They had to wait all the way through the fifth inning for the Mariners to score again, with three straight walks for Cal Lawry’s bases to load. I hit the ball so hard I had to go up third to see if it would drop.

The next batter, JP, sees 4 straight balls and makes a count 3-1 (*cough* robo umps pls *cough) and commits a couple more fouls before taking the ball 4 and making the score 4- 0 and tagged the guardian. Pitcher Xzavion Curry’s double on his Road Walk of the Night.

That meant that for M’s offense, he saved Adam Frazier’s single in the seventh, caught a steal in the second and undone it. Conceding four goals in one game is fine, but having 10 runners stuck is no good. Lobsters are frequently caught in Mariners’ nets. Going forward, the team will be looking to make a big push for the wild card, so they’ll need to keep the pressure on and score at least one run in bases-loaded situations.

What about pitching? Now, going into this, I was a little worried about Robbie’s “fastball” Rey going up against a swing-loving Guardian, but I’m happy to report that my concerns were largely unwarranted. , I couldn’t miss, especially on the slider, but I was able to throw strikes, for better or worse.

He walked 0 Cleveland hitters in six innings, but gave up six base hits. All were desperate bachelors, just like the bar across from campus. Robbie was able to trust the highly touted defense playing behind him and all went well. And unlike Robbie Ray in May, Tyler Freeman was able to close out with a swinging strikeout.

The bullpen, as always, was a nail in the coffin, but in some ways it jeopardized my claim that “this game wasn’t exciting.” The first way was this great play by Matt Brach that I can watch forever.

Matt threw the ball more accurately on this play than he did on the mound. With 2 out and 2 on, the FOX station began suggesting that Cleveland could win this back. Thankfully, Miles Straw hit one softly in the air and Mitch was there and carried it, ending the game. Not so exciting after all.

The highlight tonight is the Mariners defense. He only had four strikeouts in total tonight, so M had to rely on defense. But that defense is one of the best in baseball, so they were totally fine. Defense is arguably the most important aspect of the game, so it’s a good sign that the team is performing well.

With college football on rabies-infected wild animals kicking off this week, I think games like this are a reminder of why we love baseball. Hitting the all-important home run and playing at bat is fun, but our sport is generally more organized and mechanical than that. Less drinking games, more board games. Less battle royale, more management games.

When you’re tired after a long week of work or school, a cozy Mariners win is the best thing in the world.

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