State Media Produces Week 1 Picks for Utah, BYU, Utah

Experts agree: Utah football will be tough when Utah kicks off the season in Florida on Saturday.

Several national media outlets have released predictions for the first week of the college football season. While No. 7 Utah is in favor of participating in a matchup at “The Swamp,” many believe the Gators can pull off an upset.

Here’s how four national publications predicted week one for Utah, BYU, and Utah.


Bill Connelly looked at some of the major games in the first week and used two different ESPN metrics (SP+ Ranking and FPI Power Ranking) to outline these matchups.

No. 7 Utah at Florida

“Big plays will decide Utah’s fate. The Utes are relentlessly efficient on offense, but they need a little more chunky plays and easy points (sophomore wideout Devaughn Vele could be the key to that.”) not).

“Even with a loss to Florida, they are still potential Pac-12 favorites, but dropping this to 12-1 could keep them in the CFP race due to a weaker schedule.”

  • SP+ Prediction: Utah is 0.2 behind.
  • FPI forecast: 0.7 for Florida.

Utah, Alabama’s number one

“Utah State didn’t quite come close to covering as big favorites last week against UConn. “It’s hard to read who will star in. Now we’ll get some answers,” Connery wrote.

  • SP+ projection: Alabama 36.6.
  • FPI Forecast: Alabama 41.7.

No. 25 BYU in South Florida

“The Cougars should be a top 25-level team this season, but USF is more experienced and head coach Jeff Scott has used the portal to significantly upgrade their depth charts. ,” Connery wrote.

  • SP+ Forecast: BYU by 17.1.
  • FPI Forecast: BYU by 5.2.

ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt also predicted some big games and called for an upset in Gainesville.

“It’s a little early for an ass-gripping game, but I’m spending my precious life Saturday night in a swamp. , fear not, but certain spots just speak to me, and this spot whispers… Gators,” Van Pelt wrote.

sports illustrated

A panel of five experts made the selection of the Utah-Florida game, with the Utes in a slight advantage.

No. 7 Utah at Florida

  • John Garcia: Utah.
  • Molly Geary: Utah.
  • Ross Delanger: Florida.
  • Pat Ford: Utah.
  • Richard Johnson: Florida.

United States of America today

A panel of six experts attended both the Utah-Florida and Alabama-Utah games.

Utah, Alabama’s number one

  • Scooby Axon: Alabama.
  • Jace Evans: Alabama.
  • Paul Meyerberg: Alabama.
  • Eric Smith: Alabama.
  • Eddie Timanus: Alabama.
  • Dan Walken: Alabama.

No. 7 Utah at Florida

  • Scooby Axon: Utah.
  • Jace Evans: Florida.
  • Paul Meyerberg: Utah.
  • Eric Smith: Utah.
  • Eddie Timanus: Utah.
  • Dan Walken: Florida.

Evans explains why he chose Gator over Ute: Very little is expected from the Gators this year—too little, in my opinion. It’s still Florida here, and there’s still plenty of talent for Billy Napier to work with in his first season.

“Quarterback Anthony Richardson could be a star in the SEC and this game could be his breakout. Plus, Florida has a huge home field advantage. Early Sept. ‘s “The Swamp” sounds offensive.

bleacher report

Unlike other teams, Bleacher Report’s Morgan Moriarty predicted scores for every game involving the AP’s top 25 teams.

No. 25 BYU in South Florida

“BYU are the 12-point favourites, which sounds about right. The Bulls should improve, but BYU has a much more experienced group,” Moriarty wrote.

  • Forecast: BYU 38, USF 24.

No. 7 Utah at Florida

“This game looks like a potential upset that Utah has to face Florida in a prime-time matchup. seems to have what it needs,” writes Moriarty.

  • Predictions: Utah 35, Florida 28.

Utah, Alabama’s number one

“Utah State is 1-18 against the current SEC team. Alabama should win big,” Moriarty wrote.

  • Prediction: Alabama 42, Utah 17.

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