Stacey Dash sobs after learning DMX died over a year ago: ‘I didn’t know’

Stacey Dash is emotional to learn that DMX passed away over a year ago.

of ignorance The alum, 55, shared a video of herself breaking down in tears Wednesday when she learned the rapper died in April 2021 after suffering cardiac arrest from cocaine addiction.

“I was strolling on #tiktok and found a #DMX song that has saved me many times,” Dash captioned the video. “Suddenly #RIP, I know I’m late. I didn’t know he passed away. He #OD I’m heartbroken. He was such an amazing person.”

The actress, who has previously opened up about her past drug addiction, admitted in the clip that she was “ashamed” to learn about DMX’s death only now.

“I didn’t know DMX was dead. I didn’t know about the cocaine overdose,” she said. It breaks my heart that he lost it. he lost He lost to the addiction demon. Please don’t lose. ”

Responses from fans in the comments section have been mixed, but much of it offers people’s perspective on Dash’s own struggles.

“Leave her alone. She’s been very open about her pill addiction,” one follower wrote. loves Stacy.”

“Yes baby he was so encouraged by those words….gift ❤️,” another fan wrote of DMX.

“It’s a shame you didn’t know. Yes, he was a special creative soul… too young to lose,” added another.

“Heart goes to you!” read a comment. “And people laughing you go to Hades! There’s nothing funny about addiction, and there’s nothing funny about finding out late that someone you care about has died.”

Last April, DMX suffered a heart attack at home and was in a coma for seven days. The multi-platinum selling rapper and actor was 50 years old.

At the time of his death, the rapper’s family released an emotional statement honoring his legacy.

“Our beloved, Earl Simmons, whose real name is DMX, passed away at the age of 50, surrounded by his family at White Plains Hospital after being put on life support for the past few days. Read the statement. “Earl was a warrior who fought to the end. He loved his family dearly and we cherish the time we spent with him.”

“Earl’s music has inspired countless fans around the world and his iconic legacy will live on forever. Thank you for all the love and support during this incredibly difficult time. increase.”

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