Slime Ranchers 2: How fast travel works

In Slime Ranchers 2, you have to travel to different areas to collect resources and slimes from other areas. It takes time to move to other areas, so after collecting resources and slimes, you have to return to your base, and it also takes time to come back. There is a fast travel method that takes you directly back to your base.

This guide will show you how to fast travel to your base in Slime Ranchers 2.

fast travel

To travel fast in Slime Ranchers 2, you’ll need to craft gadgets in the Fabricator and return to your base. Note that gadgets are only used to return to base. You cannot return to other areas. This means that the gadget only performs one-way fast travel. The name of the gadget we will create is Yellow Home Portal. But first, you’ll need to get the Yellow Home Portal Blueprint to craft in the Fabricator.

To get the blueprints, you’ll need to head upstairs to the base and access the machines used to talk to other characters in the game. Every time you talk to someone they will give you a blueprint. If you access the machine and a character has an exclamation mark on it, talk to that character and you’ll get the Yellow Her Home Her Portal Blueprint. This portal is also available from the beginning of the game. Just talk to the character with the exclamation point.

Slime Ranchers 2: How fast travel works

Once you have the blueprints, go downstairs to access the Fabricator and go to the Warp Tech category. You’ll see the Yellow Home Portal requirements for creating gadgets. To create a yellow home portal, you need the following requirements:

  • 250 New Bucks
  • 10x cotton plots
  • Jelly Stone x10
  • 10x deep brine

You must also upgrade your Resource Harvester before obtaining these requirements. If not, you will need to upgrade to get the resource. After that, exit the Conservatory and go to the right. Down the road you will see water showers in the area. Using a weapon in the Water Shower gives you Deep Brine. For jellystones, you should look for rocks with purple orbs on them. Use weapons to get jellystones. Feeding a Cotton Slime will give you a Cotton Plot.

Once all the requirements are in place, use the Fabricator to create the Yellow Home Portal. Once you’ve created a portal, you can put it in gadget mode or press T to place it, but don’t place it near or inside your base as it’s useless near your base. Place it in a remote location where you usually go to collect resources. Place it on the ground and step on it to return to your base. You can create as many of these portals as you like and place them in every area, so you can reach your base quickly after farming the resources in the area.

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