SizeGenetics Review (US): My Experience with a Male Extender Device!

SizeGenetics is a powerful tool to help men increase their penis size. In addition to lengthening the penis, this device also causes problems such as microsize syndrome and Peyronie’s disease. These conditions can be caused by things like genetics and hormonal issues.

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With this device, you can enlarge your penis without undergoing painful and sometimes dangerous surgery or treatments. This device has undergone many medical and lab tests showing that it can lengthen the penis. I agree that it is a good product.

This review highlights the results of scientific research and user testing to show how technology can help. SizeGenetics performs rigorous quality checks on every device it manufactures. Manufactured in a facility that meets the highest standards, ensuring the best healthcare components.

This device is based on the idea that:
● Ability to do more
● cell division
Lengthening of ligaments

The penis extender works with MDA technology (multi-directional angles) and 2800 gm of stress on the penis. Use this device for 6-12 hours daily for 4-6 months for lasting results. Makes erections bigger, looser and straighter.

We used high quality medical grade components to create the device. This device is easy to carry and built to last. Even if you wear it under your clothes for a long time, it won’t hurt or make you feel uncomfortable. The device can be worn any way. It has spring joints and European CE mark, safe and healthy. This device is the best of its kind on the market, and medical research backs it up.

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The penis size enhancer provides users with:

ultimate quality
This device is made from high quality parts and materials. A good design that promises comfort.
best item
SizeGenetics has been manufacturing products for the past 25 years. From the very beginning, the manufacturer had a great name. Men who use this device will not regret their purchase.
high traction
The way the device is made makes sure everyone is happy with its traction and guarantees the best results. . On the other hand, too much traction can be detrimental to your health. The company that makes it advertises it as “no more, no less.”
ultimate comfort
Most men don’t want their dicks in anything other than a pussy simulator. SizeGenetics, on the other hand, promises its users the most comfortable and great results.
We guarantee the best results
After using this device for at least 6 months, your penis may become longer (1-2 inches). Even with regular use, very few people can grow 3 inches.
boost confidence
A 1-3 inch increase in penis size can help you feel more confident. It gives them confidence in bed and ultimately gives their partner more pleasure.

The device does not harm anyone in any way. Users have had no problems with energy, fertility, erections, or going to the bathroom.

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When users think about the best part of this device, they should know that the company ensures that their money is well spent. can be used for It’s the best investment a person can make. Some of the most important parts of traction equipment are:

1. We have packages from each manufacturer that are excellent in ease of use and comfort.
2. The penis extender has a safe force of 2800gm, enough to stretch and lengthen the penis tissue.
3. This device has been tested by doctors and shown to be safe.
4. The extension device comes with 1 inch and 2 inch long extension bars. This makes it easier for people with penises of all sizes to use.
5. The device also comes with many accessories that make it easier and more comfortable to use.
6. Wrap your body with 3M comfort parts.
7. The whole device comes in a nice leather case and travel bag. Your device is kept secure by a bag lock and key.

cleanser and lotion
Users get moisturizing creams to keep their skin soft. Users put constant pressure on their bodies throughout the day, so it’s important to use a moisturizer. If you remove the device at night, you can spray the disinfectant. The spray keeps the device clean and comfortable to wear the next day. By cleaning the device, odors do not accumulate.

Peyronie’s package
This device comes with a Peyronie kit that helps men with curved penises. Some men may experience pain or discomfort during an erection. Because of the curvature of the penis, it may also feel like a different size. People with similar problems can use this device with Peyronie’s package. However, it is important to know that the device does not perfectly straighten the penis. The kit can straighten the penis a little. This is enough for good performance in bed. The packaging is also suitable for men with scar tissue as they are circumcised.

purchase and price
SizeGenetics makes a penis lengthening device. It is divided into four packages, each containing a main body and other accessories to make your time in bed more comfortable.
● Peyronie’s disease home treatment $299.95,
● Ultimate System $299.95,
● Comfort Package is $249.95,
● Value Edition is $199.95.

About refund
If you use this device for 4-6 months without seeing results, you can ask for a refund. If the user wants a refund, he/she must show proof of the condition of the penis before and after the treatment. The best results are guaranteed if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Strong Points
● Comfortable
● You can easily hide it by putting it in your clothes.
High effectiveness and reputation
●Light weight

● Improper use may cause stress and harm your health.
● Users must do what they are told.
● Comfort accessories are not included in the Value Edition package.
●Long-term use may damage the strap system.

Frequently Asked Questions
What does it do and what is it?

A medical device for penis enlargement. It uses the body’s natural response to pressure to create new tissue cells. Use it as a personal training tool to make your penis longer and wider.

Does this apply to all men, albeit with different sizes?
With proper use, everyone can feel the difference. The average increases mentioned are from clinical studies. Some people will get results slightly above or below these numbers. In the stretched floppy state, the device fits sizes from 4 to 22 cm.

Do men need a doctor’s help to use Sizegenetics?
No, the penis extender comes with easy-to-follow instructions in six languages ​​that tell users exactly how to use the device and how to enlarge their penis. All instructional videos can be found online.

Are you a man of all ages?
You must be 18 years of age or older to use the Product. Some users in their mid-70s are still getting good results.

How long can a person wear this gadget every day?
After the first few days of using the device, a person can wear the device for approximately 5-6 hours each day. Use for 2-3 months for best results.

Can I keep the results of using this device?
The manufacturer states that the best results are obtained with constant use of the device. Find out how new cells grow under pressure. There is always an effect.

Can I have sex while using it?
yes. Few people say that better blood flow improves endurance or erections.

do you feel any pain?
No, most extenders can hurt, but SizeGenetics makes sure the extenders are very comfortable.

does it really work? Do you have proof of that functionality?
With proper use, everyone can feel the difference. The average increases mentioned are from clinical studies. Some people will get results slightly above or below these numbers.

SizeGenetics is the way to get longer, feel better, last longer and be happier. This device makes the sensitive part of the penis more comfortable. A good way to get what a man wants. Perfect for men who want to lengthen their penis. The device is discreet and can be easily hidden under clothing. It’s easy to use and keeps you working all day long. It also gives you 2800gm of tension to make your penis longer and faster than expected.

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