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Who is Adjla Tomljanovic?

Basic facts:

  • She was born in Croatia but switched her nationality to Australia.

  • His career high was 38th in February this year. Currently ranked 46th.

  • At Wimbledon, he reached the quarter-finals two years in a row.

  • Her favorite city is… Charlotte, North Carolina. She may not be the biggest tourist destination in the world, but it’s where she has her family.

  • She participated in the WTA main draw event in 2009 and finished in the year-end Top 100 in 2013.

  • Her father played handball. (For American readers who aren’t interested in the Olympics, it means something like a net, not a wall.)

  • Her best tennis memory was her first time on the court with Chris Evert, so it’s a little disappointing that Evert isn’t in the broadcast booth tonight. I’m there with Chris Fowler.

The pre-match glitz and circumstance is coming to an end. please …

Meanwhile, in men’s tennis…

top seed Daniil Medvedev Once again, he has the dubious honor of following Serena at Arthur Ashe Stadium. Wu Yibin It reminds me of watching the opening of Cheap Trick with Indifferent Robert Plant in Top Form.

But much like the women’s draw with Serena, the highlight of the men’s draw is the progression of fellow veterans. Rafael NadalI proceeded today while knocking my nose.

It’s as if women’s tennis is taking place in an alternate timeline, with Selina tracking down Spock to enable a time wormhole or whatever else. Leonard Nimoy Appears in Star Trek Reboot.

None of these players have ever played Serena.

No Danka Kobinich, Serena’s first round opponent here. Not a contact. Tonight’s opponent is not Tomljanovic.

Neither Samsonova nor Krunic (first names listed at the end of this article) could be her fourth-round opponent.

No. 5 seed, not her future quarterfinal opponent Ounce Jabour and 18th Seed VEronica Kudermetovahas already won its third round match.

not top seed Iga Sifionteka two-time French Open champion who has not achieved much on hard courts.

If these players are up-and-coming geniuses with a youthful swagger that makes them immune to Serena’s mystique, they probably have a better chance. She fought back in sets to score a tiebreaker and passed Serena in the second set.

But with the exception of 21-year-old Świątek, these are veteran players who know they should be intimidated, even if Tomljanović comes up with novel ways to cut off the crowds that have already haunted her. , they are intimidated… when she was playing several courts off.

(This is a type of home-court advantage rarely seen in tennis. Occasionally, a few people cheered for an opponent’s misservice, but most of the time it was a grateful crowd, and Serena herself was once on the line. Shut out fans who complained about Cole.

The most interesting pairings right now will determine Serena’s potential semi-final opponents. Coco Gauff defeated Madison Keys The 2019 U.S. Open champions tonight at Louis Armstrong Stadium Bianca Andreescu face a solid player at caroline garcia.

Serena still needs to win 5 matches Margaret CourtThe record of 23 Grand Slam titles was set at a time when the playing field was not as vast as it is today. The streak is over and the end may come before Serena has a chance to play that dream final. But there’s no one in this field that makes you say, “Oh, who could beat Serena?” Not after watching Williams play Wednesday as an underdog outright outscoring the No. 2 player in the world.

(These first names: Lyudmila Samsonova When Alexandra Krunic.)

Can Bianca Andreescu stop Serena? We'll have to wait a while to find out.
Can Bianca Andreescu stop Serena? We’ll have to wait a while to find out. Photo: Danielle Parhizkaran/USA Today Sports

Think of the people involved in the world-wide sports betting sector today.

if you bet Serena Williams By Monday, you might buy your ticket at odds of 50-to-1. Now she’s in her 14 to 1 range. And considering how she got through her first two rounds, doesn’t that seem a little too skeptical?

At this point I have to ask – who will beat her?

defending champion Emma Raducanu? Out in the first round.

wimbledon champion Elena RybakinaThis is also the first vaginal cum shot.

second seed Annette KontavateMissing someone on Wednesday… oh yeah… Serena Williams.

how about a two time champion Naomi Osaka, a player whose recent lack of activity and success betrays her ability, like Serena? out first.

Also lost in the second round: 3rd seed Maria Sakkari and the 4th seed Paula Badosa.

Overall, only six of the top 11 made it to the round of 32.

Selena is playing tonight Adjula Tomljanovic, world ranked 46th player. If she wins, she will face the winner of a match between No. 35 Samsonova and her No. 96 Krunic on Court 17. Bonus points if you know the first name. Answer in next post. This is already the longest of the week, as it essentially describes a cosmic alignment not seen since the 1987 Harmonic Her convergence.

The bad news for Serena is that she and venus williams On Thursday night, we lost the opening doubles match. But it does mean more rest for those at the age where men start buying fancy cars to compensate for receding hairlines and daddy bodies. I have.) She can focus on breaking down a series of opponents whose resumes not only rival Selena’s, but my book sales rival a children’s author. Dove Pilkey(Yes, I’ve been working at the library lately and have sneaker footprints on my back from all the kids who rushed to get their hands on the latest Dogman book.)

Beau will be here soon. In the meantime, Venus Merulisa Lawrence Corbett and Serena’s joint farewell last night.

Serena Williams often says she wouldn’t exist without Venus. So if this was really the last tournament, it’s only fitting that I attended doubles on Thursday night as I did when I arrived over 20 years ago. So, as a team, it’s the Williams sisters.

After they officially retire, you can find them on the pages of sports, business, health, fitness and fashion magazines.The Williams sisters are beyond sports. They have erased records, smashed barriers and precedents to the point where few successors like Coco Gauff and Naomi Osaka remain. Any chance of becoming the first black woman to win a Career Grand Slam?First black woman to win an Olympic gold medal in singles When Doubles? gone. The first black woman to win a Grand Slam title in singles, doubles and mixed doubles? The first black woman ranked No. 1?

What remains is a sporting legacy unparalleled in its impact and cultural significance. The Williams sisters changed the way games were played and who played them. It took her 41 years from Althea Gibson winning her last Grand Slam title to Serena winning her first. Today, her four black women playing at this year’s US Open combined have her 35 Grand Slam singles titles.

Venus has won five Olympic medals (one silver and four gold), the most of any male or female tennis player in the Open Era. Serena she is second and has four gold medals. They are his perfect 14-0 in Grand Slam doubles finals. Black women – Serena (23), Venus (7) and Osaka (4) – hold the top three spots on the list of most major titles among active female players. There were more black women in the main draw than there were African Americans in last year’s World Series.

Venus and Serena are rebuilding the world of tennis, and it’s easy to forget what it was like before they arrived. Women’s tennis matches were rarely played in prime time in the United States before Venus and Serena. But that didn’t happen at all four Grand Slam events until Venus and Serena started to hit mega-TV ratings.

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