Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian wears shirt with daughter’s face

Alexis Ohanian puts daughter Olympia at center stage.

The Reddit co-founder wore a shirt with the pair’s 5-year-old daughter’s face on it while cheering on his wife, Serena Williams, at the US Open on Friday.Ohanian, 39 wore a T-shirt and a black jacket.

The image of Olympia on the shirt was a photo of her earlier in the week showing support for her mother as she began attending the US Open on Monday.

Olympia missed Williams’ final match on Friday, when the tennis icon, 40, lost to Australia’s Ajra Tomljanovic after a hard-hitting three sets.


Earlier in the week, Olympia twinned with Williams in matching outfits on the stand. I saw you wearing a dress.

Olympia’s hair was also an homage to the milestone moment for her mother. I was wearing beads.

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A day after Olympia turned 5, Ohanian shared various shots of himself and his daughter on Instagram, reflecting on everything that’s changed since he was born.

John Kopaloff/Getty

“🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰 @olympiaohanian 5️⃣ How are you @olympiaohanian?? I love you more every day.Woopy forever!” wrote a proud dad.

“I started @776fund because of you it shares your birthday 😆 thanks @katelin_cruse @elisabethgarvin the last two years have been like otherworldly,” he said continued. “And thank you @christinatosi and @milkbarstore for a very memorable ‘cake making’ session.”

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Williams said during a “Conversations with the Champions” panel ahead of the US Open that she and Olympia share the same interests in everything but the court.

“She’s my little buddy,” Williams said on a forum hosted by Sheinelle Jones and Dylan Dreyer. today show. “We do everything together. We go on dates. She likes everything I do except tennis, so she’s super cool.”

“She’s really fun. You see a lot of my personality in her. Now it’s a great time to be with her and see what I do every day,” she said. Added.

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