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Marvel continues to dominate big-budget superhero media on both the theater and TV screens, but there’s still plenty of smaller genre content coming out, especially on streaming services. secret headquarterswill release on Paramount+ on August 12th and stars Owen Wilson and up-and-coming actor Walker Scovel as the duo of a superhero father and clueless son. Michael Peña and Jesse Williams also play important roles.

The line between good and evil in this movie is pretty clearly drawn, with only a few characters crossing it. secret headquarters It features some characters with big personalities and some with little development. Some characters are more likeable than others, regardless of stats.

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Ten Argon

Illustrated by Michael Peña

Argon is the main antagonist secret headquartersHe is determined to find the Guard and his power source so he can use the alien technology himself.

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Argon is certainly the least likeable character in the film. He willingly kills children to get what he wants. He even kills several members of his squad because he gets in the way. Argon sometimes makes silly jokes, but his malice is clear. He’s a great actor, convincing and sometimes convincing. He is also very unsympathetic, especially when making fun of Big Mac’s nervousness.

9 Hawaii

Illustrated by Charles Melton

Charles Melton famously replaced another actor to play Reggie riverdaleplay hawaii in secret headquartersHe worked in Argon and was the first to die at the hands of his boss.

Hawaii is on the bad side of this fight, but his personality and moral code make him very likable. When the crew discovers that the house is full of children, it soon becomes clear that they are against killing the children. I assure you it’s fine. Audiences knew very little about him, but Hawaii was fun to watch and his death was sad.

8 iron

Illustrated by Jesse Williams

Irons is a member of the Air Force. At the beginning of the film, he collides with an alien ship. When Jack absorbs the energy source, he becomes vengeful and spends the next ten years trying to retrieve it.

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Irons is a complicated character. He wants to use energy sources to help people and make the world a better place. He is strongly against harming children, indicating that unlike his partner, he has some sort of code of ethics. When the source shows him wrong in his ways, he switches sides and admits that Jack is the “worst” option to become The Guard. Now I can do what I always wanted to do.

7 Lily Kincaid

Illustrated by Jesse Mueller

Lily is Charlie’s mother and Jack’s ex-wife. She was present when Jack gained power and worked with him to protect the planet, but eventually became too much to handle while keeping her energy source a secret from Charlie.

Lily is a kind woman who loves her family and wants the best for Charlie. Although she and Jack are separated, she encourages her ex and her child to spend time together. is very minor and could use more development and personality to solidify its high position on this list.

6 Burger

Illustrated by Keith L. Williams

Keith L. Williams, one of the best child actors of recent years, secret headquartersBerger is Charlie’s best friend and teammate. He fell in love with Lizzie, although his brother won her first.

Burger is my best friend. He has Charlie’s back and invites him to ask about his crush. This child is very friendly. He’s an asthmatic middle school student who likes thrills, but when real danger strikes him and his friends, he’s ready to give in to save them all. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like it. Berger has a heart and is very likable, but it will take a while before his character is fully fleshed out.

Five lizzy

Illustrated by Abby James Witherspoon

Lizzie is best friends with Maya, a former student who has returned to town after a few years. Lizzie is obsessed with cellphones and social her media, and she’s dating Big Her Mac.

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Lizzie is very personable. She’s selfish and overly dramatic, but she’s smart and has big dreams. Her character, she brilliantly embodies what people often think of when they hear the term “Generation Z,” and can be quite annoying at times. But Lizzie also shows that there is more to it than what she outwardly shares with others.

Four Big Mac

Illustrated by Kezir Curtis

Big Mac is Lizzie’s boyfriend and Berger’s older brother. He gave himself this hilarious and memorable nickname to match the nickname his older brother uses. About a quarter of the way through the film, he is invited to Charlie’s house to get involved in the evening’s drama.

compared to other children secret headquarters, Big Mac is just a supporting character. But his presence is contagious, making him one of the most likable characters in the film: he’s hilarious, he loves his brother, he supports Lizzie’s efforts, and others are argon. and help defeat his crew.

3 Maya

Drawn by Momona Tamada

A young lady, Maya, has returned to town for the first time in a while because of her mother’s work. Before she left, she and Charlie had a small relationship when they were younger, and the feeling never went away.

Maya is fierce, courageous, and resourceful. She admits that she’d rather do what she loves, like picking rocks, than spend her time socializing on her media. When the children discover the secret headquarters, she immediately sets off on an adventure. Her curiosity was beaming and she never hesitated to get acquainted with the gadget in front of her. Maya is kind, tolerant, brave, very likable and fun to watch.

2 Jack

Drawn by Owen Wilson

Jack is Charlie’s father and a superhero known as The Guard. He was chosen by alien technology to protect Earth. Once he gains power, he fulfills this mission, but becomes estranged from his family in the process.

Owen Wilson himself is a wonderful and likable character.he brings this charm to him secret headquarters character. Jack never stopped loving his wife and children. He cares about Charlie, and as soon as he finds himself in trouble, he returns home to fight Argon. Yes, but the choice to do so, and the lies he spews about it, are hard to ignore. Allowing Charlie to participate in his and Lily’s missions, he makes a great superhero mentor for children.

1 Charlie

Illustrated by Walker Scobell

Charlie is the main character secret headquartersResentful of his father’s absence, he experiences many emotions when he finds out why, and explores the underground headquarters with his friends.

Charlie is a very likable and relatable character. His fanboy obsession with the guard is endearing, and it’s funny how he respects his father without realizing he’s admiring him. I’m dealing with trauma and past mistakes I made with Maya. Still, he manages to give him an innocent charm. He has a great sense of humor and a great heart.

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