Search engine giant Google shares users’ personal data at scale

Search engine giant Google shares users' personal data at scale

Search engine giant Google shares users’ personal data at scale

Ireland’s Civil Liberties Council, founded in 1976 and known for protecting human rights, reports that user data, including the location and browsing habits of European and American citizens, is shared 178 trillion times each year. I’m assuming. According to reports, search engine giant Google shares similar data sets 70 billion times a day. Ads reportedly accounted for more than half of Google’s revenue in the March quarter of this year.

Operation method

Reports reveal that big machines are working behind the curtain to sell such data of users. It has been suggested that the habits of The data collected this way grows every day as users switch between apps. This data is then shared with a number of businesses and awarded to the advertisers with the highest bids. Recording sensitive user data is a key factor for big technology companies such as his Google and Facebook that rely on such advertising.

Classification of user data

This data is also used to build a user profile that includes sensitive information about location, personal characteristics of the user, and data about their phone habits. These profiles are further segregated into groups marked as disability, legal issue, etc.

There have been reports of advertising companies sharing data with local governments. In one such instance, a news publication was able to track Grindr app users based on data shared with advertising networks for articles, according to the report. The Grindr app said in a statement that it was difficult to determine how the publication tracked users, but he said one of the reasons was that it shares data with third-party advertising agencies. said to have hinted at In the US, users are concerned about misuse of user data in light of the abortion ban debate.

complex process

Reportedly, it’s still unclear why and for what purpose the search engine giant shares user data. is. While we enjoy the services our electronic gadgets provide, it has also become clear that these devices record sensitive data of their users.

Google tends to reveal less personal data about people than other smaller ad networks, according to Council Senior Fellow Johnny Ryan, who oversaw the compilation of the latest data.

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