Seal and daughter Leni pose for a lovely photo together at the US Open

Seal and Leni Klum are spending some quality time together in New York City.

The father-daughter duo attended the US Open Wednesday night and posed for a sweet photo together in equally trendy outfits. Keeping in mind, Seal wore a bucket hat, gray T-shirt, white jeans, and yellow sneakers.

The pair were among many celebrities at Arthur Ashe Stadium on Wednesday night to witness Serena Williams’ second-round victory over Annette Kontaveit.

In addition to Leni, whom Seal adopted when she was five, musician and former Heidi Klum has three children: Lou, 12, Johan, 15, and Henry, 16.

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Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images for Luisaviaroma

Seal and Leni attended the premiere of Netflix’s The Harder They Fall together in Los Angeles last fall. Worked on the soundtrack for the director’s Western film.

The appearance comes a month after Leni opened up about how her budding modeling career took off long after she expressed interest in the industry. addition.

“I grew up working with my mother,” Leni explained of her natural interest in modeling. She said she was old enough to finally start modeling.”

Following in her mother’s footsteps, the teenager told the outlet she’s always getting tips for navigating the industry.

Stefan Cardinale/Corbis/Getty

“She always says I need to have fun… She’s always like, ‘Bounce around, have fun, get pumped up, get excited.’

Klum spoke EXCLUSIVELY with PEOPLE last February about what it’s like to see Leni blossom as a model.

“It’s great to see her doing everything. She’s been on my set all along and isn’t really afraid of the camera getting caught in her face.” america’s got talent said the judge.

“She was at the opening of Berlin Fashion Week and I saw her walking in heels like a real fashion model for the first time. Now it’s shocking to see her doing anything by herself, even going on set,” added Klum.

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