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September 1, 2022 at 12:51 PM

Ohio State will face Notre Dame this Saturday in a Top 5 matchup. Ryan Day took to the airwaves and met with the media at the Lightning Rounds to preview the matchup.

Below are some highlights from 97.1 The Fan’s Ryan Day radio show.

Ryan Day

On adding the Notre Dame game plan while working on the fundamentals

  • “We need to be ready for this match.”

  • “We’ve always inserted something throughout preseason, but in the last two weeks we’ve moved to Notre Dame.”

  • “The goal is to play really fast, violent, tough and physical.”

On how to prepare for Notre Dame when practicing with teammates

  • “We are doing a good job.”

  • “You must maintain your dominance.”

  • Day said the Ohio State players were tired of practicing with each other and ready to play at Notre Dame on Saturday. is doing”

On how Notre Dame coaches players without game film

  • “Tommy Reese is doing a great job on offense.”

  • Day said Tyler Buchner could be a threat or a defense for Ohio State because he can use his arms and legs to move chains. .”

  • “Marcus is doing a great job on defense, but now Al Golden is there.”

  • “There will be a lot of in-game adjustments[on Saturday].”

How do you want the players to see the season opener?

  • “What an amazing opportunity for all of us.”

  • Day said he wants players to take in the entire Ohio stadium environment this weekend.

  • Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Horseshoe, College GameDay and the 2002 National Championship team’s 100th anniversary, he said it will be a one-of-a-kind experience for the players.

About the game of playtime

  • “It’s great to have almost the whole team back (from last year).”

  • “If you look at that Rose Bowl team, almost everyone is back.”

  • Day is looking forward to seeing an experienced roster this season and what they will do against Notre Dame and other opponents.

About CJ Stroud

  • Last year he proved he could really count on me.”

  • Day said Stroud doesn’t care about breaking stats or records while playing quarterback for Ohio State. “His goal is to win football games.”

  • “You can really see his growth as a leader.”

About Ohio’s Large Receiving Room

  • “It was really nice to see the Rose Bowl for them.”

  • Day said losing Chris Olave and Garrett Wilson would be an adjustment. right.”

  • “Chris and Garrett, they were crutches. They’re going to have to be, too.”

  • Day is proud to work with Brian Hartline’s Ohio wide receiver. I think I trained myself to play at a high level in college.

Darlan Hayden, Ohio’s Running Back Room

  • Day praised Darlan Hayden for his hard work since Evan Pryor went down with an injury. “He will be the third running back to come into the game.”

  • Day said Chip Trayanam really works on running backs and understands what Ohio State wants for the position. “If the bomb goes off, Chip Trayanam will actually be the fourth running back.”

About finding balance in the running game

  • “We have (really) spent an inordinate amount of time running football.”

  • “On offense, I want to be around 250 (passing) and 250 (running).”

  • Day said the offensive lineman is generating a solid push up front to create a running lane for the Ohio State running back.

About Notre Dame defensive lineman Isiah Foskey

  • “He’s legally a first-rounder, but other guys are talented, too.”

  • Day said Ohio State can’t focus too much on Foskey and said the Irishman has a lot of talent to worry about defensively. because there is.”

On the new turf of Ohio Stadium

  • “It’s a new track. It’s a fast track.”

  • “The good thing is they replaced our indoor facility. It’s the same thing in the stadium…we were able to step in there.”

  • Day said the turf at Ohio Stadium is smoother and his players are really enjoying having a new playing surface for gameday.

About the players who participate in classes before autumn practice

  • “The timing was right.”

  • Day said athletes need to find a routine while balancing classes and practice. He said he had a week in the classroom before the players faced Notre Dame and is grateful that he was able to find that routine.

  • “We keep them busy.”

About night games with Notre Dame

  • “We get up in the morning, have breakfast, then do the championship walk.”

  • Day said his players will come to Woody to get the medical attention they need. They head back to Blackwell to rest their legs before heading to the stadium. ”

  • Day said the team will approach the shoes, but will stop at Skull Sessions first.

About Jim Knowles and his defense

  • “It’s been exciting. Our guys are really into it. They’re playing fast. I can’t wait to see this defense in action on Saturday night.”

  • Day said Notre Dame tight end Michael Mayer is a hybrid weapon that can hurt Buckeyes in the running and passing games. Hmm.”

  • Day said he can’t quantify the experience Ohio State will bring on defense this season. A lot of people have played it.”

On Defensive Leadership

  • “Leadership must be strong.”

  • Day said his team has great depth in its defensive line and each contributes against Notre Dame. “Start with the defensive line”

  • Day said Tyler Friday was a phenomenal leader at fall camp. “I’m glad he’s back.”

On linebacker Steele Chambers and his development

  • “He stepped right in and did a really good job last season.”

  • “He now has a rolodex of play under his belt.”

  • day said chambers

Cade Stover finds edge at tight end

  • “I’m really impressed with Cade. He’s had a really good offseason, summer and preseason.”

  • Day said Stover has the edge and wants him to play tight end. “He’s done it…he’s done it and he’s ready for a big year.”

  • “He has versatility.”

About special teams

  • “Special teams are one third of the game. It’s huge.”

  • “I am really happy with our returnees.”

  • Day said having a solid special team makes Ohio State an elite team. He’s also looking forward to seeing some young players come forward and make a name for themselves in the unit.

at Notre Dame

  • “They are a seasoned team.”

  • “They’ve played a lot of football. They’re going to be a team that understands what it’s like to play in this environment.”

  • “We’re going to get their best shot.”

About Notre Dame defensive coordinator Al Golden

  • Day said he coached alongside Al Golden as a wide receiver coach at Temple.

  • “He’s doing a great job with his players.”

  • “His team will be well organized and well coached.”

About having recruits in town this weekend

  • “Marc Pantoni and his staff have their hands full this weekend.”

  • Day is looking forward to seeing the recruits at Ohio Stadium and its surroundings this weekend. “That’s the excitement of coming to Ohio. Playing in an environment like this.”

  • “I’m not good at arranging lots… I have to win this match, so that’s my top priority.”

Using Nike Football in practice and games

  • Day said he wasn’t comfortable with using different footballs at first, but eventually liked them enough to use them. “It was a big decision.”

  • Day said he likes Nike football. “Very similar to balls I’ve used in the past. Almost the same.”

  • “It made a lot of sense to use them to move forward. They really liked them.”

On expanding the NIL space for his players

  • “They are doing a better job than anyone in this country (NIL).”

  • “It doesn’t go away.”

  • Day said he hopes the NIL has guidelines to clarify the deal. He wants his players to think smart about their in-season deals and know how to manage their time effectively.

Corey Dennis

On Ohio Quarterback Positions Over Time

  • Dennis talked about Dwayne Haskins, Justin Fields and CJ Stroud learning from each other. “Ohio State’s quarterback transition is really cool.”

  • Dennis said Kyle McCord and Devin Brown had the same opportunity to learn from Stroud fighting his Buckeyes opponent.

About Stroud in Year 2

  • “If you take one man away, someone else will open up.”

  • “CJ has done a good job of growing and making progress at fall camp.”

About offense and defense that improve each other in practice

  • “That’s Ohio. Iron sharpens iron. It’s always been that way here.”

  • “I’m excited to get out there on Saturday and show something.”

About the size of the Notre Dame game

  • “This is why you come to Ohio. It’s for games like this.”

  • Dennis said the players want to play at Notre Dame this weekend and want to play against opponents who aren’t teammates.

ryan day thursday press conference

  • “It’s going to be a battle on both sides of the ball. It’s going to be a battle on the line….We have to be a tougher team.” I’m saying.

  • “We have to have a contingency plan for what’s going on,” Day said, and the Buckeyes must have a game plan this year to match their 2022 roster’s skill set.

  • “I was impressed with his approach and maturity,” said Day of CJ Stroud paying for the suit for the entire team. Day said no one asked or expected Stroud to do so, which speaks to how close the team has come this year.

  • “There’s a lot of people in that sophomore class playing for us,” Day says. “We’ve seen a lot of improvement across the board for many who joined midway through the year and are now in the program for a year,” Day said.

  • On the Buckeye defense: “It’s great to see how they performed in the scrimmage,” Day said. will be,” he said.

  • Day says he has “no yardage expectations” in the run game and is only looking to win Saturday’s game. “It’s a lot more likely to win.” Day says, “I like what we’re doing.”

  • Day has said there will be “no updates” on Parker Lewis’ eligibility status.

  • “You have to understand that this is a big game and you have to play with your emotions and do a great job of not letting your emotions get in your way.”