Russell Wilson: It’s not about the money, it’s about the Super Bowl

Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills

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Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson spent 10 years in the NFL, all with the Seahawks. He is currently committed to Denver for the next seven years before playing a game as part of the team.

At a press conference Thursday announcing his new contract, Wilson explained that he’s primarily hoping to win more NFL titles with his new team.

“The first decade of my career was great, and I’m really looking forward to the next decade,” said Wilson. “For me, it was really important that I was able to win the championship and have enough room in the salary cap, so George [Paton] Can make his magic and we can get someone like that [linebacker] When Randy Gregory joins the team and other great players. I want this to be my destination.that’s one of those things [where] We have a great tradition and a great football team. The Walton-Penner group has a lot of great newcomers.Rob Walton Himself, Greg Penner, Carey [Walton Penner]Ondreezha Rice, Melody Hobson, Lewis Hamilton, Damani [Leech]These are world-class visionaries, world-class performers and winners. After all, you want to be surrounded by it. Also, it’s important to make sure you’re surrounded by great players. It was an explosive, surprising joy.For me it wasn’t really how much [money], necessary. It was a question of how many Super Bowls we could win. That’s really the focus. ”

Wilson has waxed philosophical about what motivates him at this point in his career.

“We wake up every morning, focus on each individual day, and try to win the day. We understand that in the long run, it creates a legacy,” Wilson said. “[It’s about] people you influence. My father used to say it wasn’t the day you were born or the day you died, but the hash marks in between measure the importance of a man. believe.part of the little dash in the middle and what this football can do to affect not just his team but wins and everything else [such as] Fans, engagement, and all, but more importantly, it helps encourage young children to keep believing, keep dreaming, and have a “why not you” attitude. That’s why I’m here to be able to influence children. You put me on this earth to inspire the next child and the next generation. That’s what legacy means to me. ”

But Wilson will also make a lot of money while crafting that legacy. However, there is enough left in the franchise to allow the Broncos to place a successful team around his quarterback.

That’s Wilson’s key. He’s made and will continue to make a lot of money, but in his 10 seasons in the NFL he’s won one Super Bowl. The Broncos need to have the money to spend on more than a few great players if he wants to add to that total.

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