Rumor: ‘Cruella 2’ Will Be A Musical, Was Taylor Swift Wanting A Villain?

We are just a few days away from this year’s D23 Expo. While we expect to receive great news and exciting updates about Disney’s future projects at the event, The DisInsider has got some interesting information about some upcoming projects that we think will be fun to share. .

Now, in the interest of full transparency, we were unable to obtain sufficient confirmation to run exclusively on the information below, but we believe Disney fans still enjoy hearing the “news.” I was. it goes without saying All of the following should be taken with a grain of salt.

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yesterday we were made live Lilo & Stitch When Bell of Notre Dame It may be exclusive to Disney+.Today we would like to add Possible sequel recently announced Cruella You can also go directly to the streamer.

That’s not all.we heard that too This movie is planned as a musicalwhich makes sense given that music really defined the first.

That’s not all! ! ! Apparently Taylor Swift is set to star in an antagonistic role described as a “cruella match.” This matches rumors via Deumoix. In June, they shared one of their “blind items,” which leaves out names and details for followers to work out. Read the post, “This A+ singer who has a minor appearance in Cruella (so small you probably don’t even notice) could have a bigger role in the sequel…

Taylor Swift
The first supposed image of Taylor Swift Cruella.

In case you don’t remember, franchise star Emma Stone can carry a tune. la la land years ago. If all this information is true, Stone singing with multiple Grammy winner Taylor Swift could be one of the funniest Disney live-action productions ever.

Again, I can’t stress enough that some of this information may be wrong. Therefore, it is described as a rumor rather than a report. Hopefully Disney will provide an official explanation at next week’s live-action panel.

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Stay tuned as we share these fun and exciting rumors for the Expo!

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