Rampage with a backpack with a propellant that makes you feel like a real superhero “CopterPack”

The project is still in the early stages of development, but has already been confirmed to work.

The automotive world is completely changing.The most obvious change is the current Drift to electrical format Vehicles of all types and will continue to grow in the coming years.change to Electric car I feel the most familiar because it is a vehicle that I use every day, Technology advances in all directions, and other modes of transport that are the case of electric scooter It’s for urban mobility, but in this case it’s not on the small scale, quite the opposite.

helicopter pack Its creator is this incredible christened name jetpack backpackThe company of the same name is their website The mode of operation of this particular “gadget” turns you into a helicopter with legsThe human body itself acts like a counterweight and is designed to be steered by the pilot. change direction at willworks with . joystick control system So the movements are very precise. It’s very light and we’ve already seen it in action.

Although the project is still in the early stages of development, Flight tests are amazing to say the leastAt this time, CoperPack is known to work. Fully electric drive systemthat is two rotors located on both sides of the backpack. These two rotors of his are the most striking part of the construction, as they are connected by a carbon fiber bar and connected to a harness that supports the pilot.actually strange humanoid drone Soar through the sky.

This project could streamline and improve the scope and response of rescue missions

For practical purposes there are areas where this type of flying accessory is very useful. it has been experienced before Equipped with propulsion for rescue operations, it has proven very useful.Normal rescue procedures in today’s rough terrain Helicopter operation onlyBut gadgets like the CoperPack can provide a much quicker and more efficient option for paramedics to get to the scene of an incident in minutes.

helicopter pack

This incredible jet pack can work well in dangerous situations // CoterPack

At the moment, as we’ve already mentioned, we’re still short of the final version of this particular backpack with propellant, but the company’s aim is to sell it when the time comes. his youtube channel They’ve uploaded all the flight tests they’ve been conducting and have videos showing the progress of the design.

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