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Shivamoga: Two defendants arrested under the UAPA in Shivamoga — Maaz Mounir Ahmad and Saeed Yassin — have promoted the activities of the banned terrorist organization the Islamic State (IS), seeking national unity, security and sovereignty. I was plotting to sabotage you. Police claimed. His BM Laxmi Prasad of the Shivamogga Metropolitan Police Department said on Friday that the defendant procured bomb-making materials from e-commerce platforms and local shops.

Yaseen is an electrician, so he knows how relay circuits work, so he bought a timer relay circuit from an e-commerce platform. The accused also procured his two 9V batteries, switches, wires, matchboxes, and other materials in Sivamoga.

SP said the accused used the banks of the Tunga River near Gurupura to carry out the blast test. Shariq had sent the defendant cryptocurrency to make the bomb. “After many trials, they decided they wanted to carry out massive bombings against ‘non-believers,’” he said.

Several gadgets were seized, including bomb-making materials, as well as 14 mobile phones and two laptops. Police said the suspect’s motive was revealed during an investigation into the stabbing of a 20-year-old fabric store employee on Independence Day.

Shivamoga attack: one still missing

A store employee was stabbed as a result of community tensions over a portrait of VD Savarkar in Sivamoga. Police arrested four of him, including Zabiura, the main culprit. They said another defendant, Sharik Sopgudde, escaped and played a role in radicalizing Zabiura.

SP said the two suspects, along with Shariq, were members of Al-Hayat, ISIS’s official Telegram media channel. “If Shariq is arrested, we will know whether the accused had direct contact with ISIS or whether Yassine had contact with other people studying electrical engineering and Mars mechanical engineering. BCom he’s a dropout,” he said SP.

“Yaseen met Shariq through Maaz. Shariq had sent Yaseen PDFs, videos, audio clips and other content related to the activities of ISIS and other terrorist organizations through a messenger app,” he said. said the trio wanted to carry out a terrorist attack and had seen videos of bomb-making, poison-making and decapitation. It added that it was following GPS coordinates.

15 PFI men sent to police custody for 11 days
Bengaluru police on Friday arrested 15 PFI members who were detained Thursday for criminal conspiracy, waging war, conspiracy to commit crimes, and promoting animosity between various communities in the KG Halli case. Did.They were sent to police custody for 11 days


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