Pierce Brosnan’s sons share the biggest lesson they’ve learned from their father

Pierce Brosnan’s sons learned a lot from their father.

Three men appear in the feature GQwhere young Brosnan talks about growing up 007 Star as their dad.

Dylan, 25, and Paris, 21, recall growing up at the height of their father’s fame and what he taught them a lot about “preparation, passion, confidence and showing up on time.” .

Dylan shares the most important lesson he learned from his Golden Globe-nominated father. “Don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself.”

As children, the two grew up on a movie set and family home on Kauai, Hawaii before settling in Los Angeles in their teens.

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Life in Hawaii is what the two remember as the most normal period of their lives, with Dylan comparing it to the movies. assist me.

“A lot of kids are running around in the woods, looking for things to do, riding bikes through the streets, going to caves, swimming, surfing,” he says. GQ“I’ve been there and I’ll be here for a few days.”

He also jokes that other students were intrigued by his constant disappearance from school, as his family traveled to his father’s various projects.

“Kids were like, ‘Oh, you’re that guy. I went to fifth grade with you for a week or so, and then you left,'” he recalls.

Some of my most cherished memories of our time together were exploring Brosnan’s movie set. Die Another DayBoth of them have done camera work for movies as adults, but their father discouraged them from pursuing acting.

“Because it’s hard work,” the actor says of his reasoning.

Pierce Brosnan with sons Dylan and Paris.
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty

The brothers admit that most of their friends are unaware that their father is famous unless they are invited to a situation where they interact with the family.

“I won’t tell anyone under any circumstances,” Dylan said with a laugh.

In 2020, the two made their father proud by being named Golden Globe Ambassadors.

“The first time I went to the Golden Globes was when I was an ambassador with my brother,” Paris said. “It’s a big deal for me.”

Brosnan shares Dylan and Paris with his wife Keely Shay Smith. Brosnan is also the father of his late daughter Charlotte and sons Chris and Sean, whom he shares with his late wife Cassandra Harris.

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