Piastri talks Alpine F1 ‘upsetting’ and ‘strange’ behavior

After Fernando Alonso’s shock decision to join Aston Martin next season, Alpine issued a statement shortly afterward that Piastri would be stepping up to become Esteban Ocon’s teammate.

However, the team’s claims were quickly denounced by Piastri, who famously tweeted that the team had made the announcement without his consent.

Speaking to the official F1 website after it was confirmed that he would join McLaren in 2023, Piastri expressed disappointment at Alpine’s public move.

“My decision [to join McLaren] made a long time ago [of Alonso’s departure]Alpine’s announcement was perhaps even more confusing and upsetting.

“This announcement was false and very frustrating as it did not give everyone at Enstone the chance to say goodbye properly.

“I was with the team for over two and a half years, but the other members of the team were very upset when they found out I was leaving like that.

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“I haven’t had the chance to say goodbye yet, but I want to say thank you to all the men and women at Enstone.”

Piastri also revealed what he told Alpine, and how embarrassing it was for him to be told the team was making an announcement during a sim session.

Oscar Piastri, Alpine A521

Oscar Piastri, Alpine A521

Photo Credit: Mark Sutton/Motorsport Images

Team principal Otmar Szafnauer revealed that Piastri said “thank you with a smile” when he heard the news last weekend.

Reflecting on that moment, Piastri said:

“It was done publicly in front of members of the team who were unaware of the situation, so I didn’t want to cause a scene in front of them.

“After we went private, I told Ottmar our position and what had been said many times before. was.”

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He continues: It was my management who made the false statement and I felt I had to correct it. There were also potential legal ramifications, if not to deny the announcement.

“It wasn’t meant to point out, it wasn’t meant to be anything more than factual. The last line was a very strong one, but the CRB ruling made it purely factual.” is shown.”

For a while, Piastri was understood to have been pushing Alpine to a formal deal, but the team’s reluctance to commit when he was a free agent meant McLaren’s options were going ahead. He said he meant

“Lack of clarity about my future and ultimately a collapse of trust.The very attractive offer from McLaren and the positive deal I have had with them so far make McLaren the best for my future. That’s all the reason I felt it was the place to be,” he said.

Oscar Piastri Alpine F1 Qatar

Oscar Piastri Alpine F1 Qatar

“The CRB ruling confirms that I am not under contract for the 2023 season.” [with Alpine].

“I was free to choose my own destiny and I felt McLaren was the perfect opportunity.

“To be honest, I wasn’t sure about my future with the Alpine team.

“They said publicly that they want to be with Fernando for at least another year or two and I respect that.

“But after a year my hopes were firmly set in the Alpine seat and there was a lack of clarity.Similar to Fernando there was a bit of a strange feeling in the negotiations and it was right for me. It didn’t feel like a decision. [to stay around]”

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